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What is pull an all-nighter?

To stay up all night working, usually a complaint about having done so against ones will. Usually preceded by "pulled an..."
Related to forms of toil, business, schoolwork, etc.

Sorry I'm so out of it, had to pull an all-nighter last night!

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Pull an all-nighter - what is it?

An excuse to watch porn and not do your homework

I pulled an all nighter yesturday

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What does "pull an all-nighter" mean?

Remaining awake and actively engaged in some activity during nocturnal hours. The type of activity will differ and the typical person is usuall between 17-40 years old

"Did you study for the biochem final?"

"Totally---I was able to buy the book for the class yesterday and I pulled an "all nighter."

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Pull an all-nighter - what does it mean?

When you stay up all night for any purpose, to hang out, have sex, study, go online, drive, or any other activity

"We pulled an all-nighter in town last summer"

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Pull an all-nighter

A study or work session that goes through the night; studying without sleep (usually a last-minute course of action).

The term is popular with college students who spend the night before an exam studying (or 'cramming'), trying to learn a lot of material in a short period of time. The term is frequently used in the phrase 'pull an all-nighter'.

1) We pulled an all-nighter to finish the report.

2) I pulled an all-nighter to study for my math exam.

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Pull an all-nighter

Ditching sleep to spend several more hours cramming for tests, only to notice that you've drooled on your desk in front of the class the next day.

I pulled an all-nighter to study and ended up in the wrong class twice.

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Pull an all-nighter

Staying awake, usually with the aid of caffeine and cold showers, for over 24 hours. Usually a feat performed by overworked students, but also by physicians and programmers, and other individuals who refuse to sleep until having solved some mystery.

An all-nighter is NOT simply staying up until the sun rises, then sleeping.

Jennifer felt like a zombie after having pulled two all nighters in a row during midterms week. "Really, it's not that bad after the 40th hour or so," she said, "...once you get past the hallucinations and the funny twitching thing your legs do."

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Pull an all-nighter

When you stay up all through the night to do whatever you want while everyone else is sleeping. Usually playing video games or reading.

“Yo man, I pulled an all-nighter last night i’m knackered

“Ye i’m gonna pull an all-nighter tonight playing GTA”

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Pull an all-nighter

To stay up all night for studying or related purposes, not just staying up for no reason.

"In College, we would Pull an All-Nighter almost all the time to get those exams done.

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Pull an all-nighter

Depriving yourself of sleep to do things that need to be done or you want to do, usually used for studying

Today I haven't been able to finish my homework and actually there's a lot left of it so I think I might have to PULL AN ALL-NIGHTER

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