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What is pubic area?

The area where your pubic hair grows.

I had an itchy pubice.

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Pubic area - what is it?

Australian suburban dialect. 'Areas' is a compliment originating from cricket specifying that the current bowler has been placing the ball in locations that the opposing batsman finds difficult to make runs from or puts the batter at a high risk of losing their wicket.

It can be used outside the Cricketing domain as a general compliment for good performance in all occupations and pursuits.

Gary bowls the ball well / Gary gets the attention of the opposite sex at a nightclub.

"Areas Gary!" – Gary's mate

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What does "pubic area" mean?

1) A clean word used for the special place between a girl's legs.
2) A girl's diddley.

"I don't use pads because they make my Area dirty."
"Lick my Area."

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Pubic area - what does it mean?

The mons veneris, or triangular squishy, sometimes hairy space above female genitalia.

I throw crackers at your area!

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Pubic area

When ones pubic hair is soo long that in order to cut it one has to use a bushwacker.

My vagina was so hairy that people began to call me " Jungle Puss" when I went to the doctor they said I had Pubication.

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Pubic area

A cubical that smells.

Yeah, stop farting in your pubical.

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Pubic area

Word meaning pubes

"dude i have more pubicals than ur room mates ex girlfriends dads step sister"

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Pubic area

A type of hair found in your hamburger.

Officer Farva had a pubic hair stuck in his teeth after eating at McDickless.

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Pubic area

The visible top of a person's pubic bush when their pants or board shorts are pulled down low (without wearing underwear).

"Mark's pants were so low, he was sporting huge pubicity."

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Pubic area

The point on a man where his chest pubes meet his ball fro thus creating a continuous patch of pubes. If a man has back and facial hair this patch could create a loop running from the beard through the gooch and back around the back this phenomenon is very rare in todays society but is a true sight to see.

Damn...Danny's pubic area is magnificent

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