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What is protein shake?

The act of anally assaulting a girl whilst drinking a protein shake, upon completion of drinking the RTD protein shake the male proceeds to place his penis inside the club rats vagina and the protein shake bottle in her gaping butthole.

"dude i protein shaked this girl so hard last night, she wont need her fiber supplement for a week, I fucking love protein shaking!!"

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Protein shake - what is it?

a silly metaphor for semen

"Last night Amber swallowed a big cup of my protein shake. She said it was deeeeee-liscious!"

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What does "protein shake" mean?

The Sexual process of masturbating a male and catching the semen in your mouth.

Hooker: I like to keep myself healthy by enjoying a protein shake right after a heavy workout session.

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Protein shake - what does it mean?

A sexual move very popular among private highschoolers in the New England area, especially MASSACHUSETTS and among hockey players who find this mixture to boost their energy level. The move starts off with a male squatting over his parter who is layein spread eagle on the bed. He should try to be at least 10 inches above her and situated above her naval. Then, he excretes as close to her navel as possible, the distance between her and the mans anus creates a nice impact when the feces hits her stomach, hopefully causing a splatter. Next, using his tongue, the man swirls the feces around the womans navel. If the woman happens to have a "cute".... outtie belly- button he should swirl it in the crevices and around it. Next, using his tongue as a sort of shovel he moves the excrement to the womans pussy and begins eating her out, incorporating the feces with her juices.Next the woman collects the mixture of feces and discharge and kneads it together (as if making dough) and plops it in the blender. With the proper mixture of ice cubes, soy milk, lemon juice, raspberries, and egg whites this makes an incredible energy supplement and when drank for 10 days straight can result in the loss of 15 pounds. To turn the heat up in the bedroom, a dinner of spicy Indian food (tikka tikka masala is a personal favorite) gets the digestion system kicking and the feces flowing... a more enjoyable splatter!

"Yo! great game today Mike"
"Thanks... I had a protein shake last night, if you know what I mean..."
"Shit! that explains it! Damnnnn boy you kinky!"

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Protein shake - meaning

when you take milk from a pregnant girl and mix it with your own semen and make her drink it

"I gave that bitch a protein shake last night!"

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Protein shake - definition

Slang for male ejaulate (semen), especially as a result of oral sex.

This term probably came into being upon the meeting of bodybuilder culture and its emphasis on whey- and other protein-based powders (dissolved in liquid resluting in a flavored milkshake-like drink), with contemporary gay culture.

Todd, come to my house after school. We'll hole up in my room and do some heavy lifting, hopefully ending in a protein shake or two winks.

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Protein shake - slang

In the world of strength-athleticism, supplements for growth are often used. Protein shakes are powedered substances which are mixed with milk, oragange juice etc. to produce a drink apporoximately 70% protein.

consumed after exercise, the protein rebuilds the muscle bigger and stronger.

MMMMMM, banana flavour!

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Protein shake

A sexual act in which one person shoots jizz (a protein shot) into the other's mouth and then shake their head vigorously.

Gwen: "Let's get out of here and grab a beer."
Richard: "Are you insane? You know my midterm and finals ritual. I study til 11, 9 solid hours of sleep, protein shake in the morning."
(from 'Van Wilder')

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Protein shake

For one to nut in a girls mouth.

I gave michelle a protein shake for breakfast..

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Protein shake

semen or sperm

-Yo, she really took your protein shake?
-Hell yeah! She swallowed like a pro!

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