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What is pronoun?

A tool used by people dating someone of the same gender to show someone that they are indeed not straight. This involves using the pronoun of their same-gender significant other instead of the one suggested by the person who asked.

James: Do you have a boyfriend yet?
Lily: Actually, my girlfriend and I just moved in together.
James: Wait, girlfriend?
Lily: Yes.
James: Oh, I'm happy for you! *walks off*
Later on...
Nancy: Hey! How are you?
Lily: Oh, I'm great, I just had to use the pronoun switch on James.
Nancy: Sorry.
Lily: It's annoying, but it's fine.

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Pronoun - what is it?

As you browse your twitter feed, and stumble upon someone being outraged about something that appears rather innocuous. You check the twitter profile of some insane NPC or SJW of a random outrage brigade, to detect if they have gender pronouns in their profile description. If they do, they "have pronouns", and of course they are to be mocked and ignored. Usually they have random blue wave icons as their display name also.

Normie tweet: Why does everyone who is offended have pronouns?
NPC tweet: HOW DARE YOU ASSUME MY GENDER!!!!!!!!!!! *outrage*

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What does "pronoun" mean?

The new way of seeking attention, and the "politically correct" way of saying he or she.

Did you hear Lizzie getting pissed off because i called her the wrong Gender Pronouns?

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Pronoun - what does it mean?

noun: In conversation, the act of purposefully avoiding the pronouns "her," "him," "she," and "he," to hide the gender of the person being spoken about from the listener.

Common substitutes include: they; they're; someone, this person; my friend

The particular phrase "pronoun game" comes from Kevin Smith's film "Chasing Amy" though the idea is pretty common.

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Pronoun - meaning

Consistently uses the wrong gender pronoun for the thing being described.

calling a man she, calling a woman he.

Sally called. He wants his sewing kit back.

That's my boy, She'll play pro ball some day.

Oh, a baby boy, What's her name? Sorry, I'm pronoun challenged.

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Pronoun - definition

"playing the pronoun game" is when a character uses a pronoun such as "he" or "they" in place of a name forcing another character to ask "who?". Often used in films to give an excuse for exposition or as a cheap way to add mystery.

interviewee: he's coming
interviewer: who? who's coming? you can't just say "he" and expect everyone to know who you're talking about don't play the pronoun game with me

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Pronoun - slang

Someone asking you what pronouns you prefer - it is a jargon phrase for identifying your gender. Ie male, female, neutral, etc.

Example pronouns: He, Him: she, her; shme, sheer, and sometimes... it.

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Pronouns are a part of speech that indirectly refer to a noun. Common pronouns that are used for people are she/her/hers, they/them/theirs, and he/him/his. These may be shortened in text or speech with either two pronouns (eg, they/them) or a single pronoun (eg, they).

People may state their pronouns when introducing themselves, on their social media bios, on their email signatures, by wearing buttons or pins, or other means. Sometimes people may use multiple pronouns, such as both they/them and he/him, that are used in different situations or interchangeably.

It is considered very rude, and often transphobic, to intentionally use the wrong pronouns for someone.

Person 1: If it is okay to share, what are your partner's pronouns?

Person 2: She is okay sharing them, and uses she/her pronouns!

Person 1: She is a joy to be around.

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a noun that went pro.

oh my gosh look at that pronoun!!!

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1) A noun that has lost its amateur status.
2) A word that replaces a common or proper noun. Pronouns can fall into sub-categories: subject, object, relative, prepositional, interrogative, reflexive, and demonstrative.

This is a demonstrative pronoun.

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