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What is pron?

1.Pornographic material involving Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

2. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers orgy.

1. "Hey, did you see that pron that was on at old boy's house last night?"
"Yeah, that pink ranger has some tig ol bitties!"
2. "What are you doing this weekend?"
"I'm going to a pron."
"Oh. What Power Ranger are you going as?"

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Pron - what is it?

Pron = Porn... the 31337 h4x0r d00ds say it with a 0, ex. pr0n

Austin likes to play with his little pee-pee while lookin at pron...

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What does "pron" mean?

Pornographic material involving crustaceans. Can be easily obtained on the internet.

Bottom Feeders 7 is the greatest pron of all time!

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Pron - what does it mean?

PewDiePie’s way of altering “porn” so he doesn’t get demonetized.

PewDiePie: imagine being a pronstar-
New fans: ??

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Pron - meaning

misspelling porn

I was really horny and put pron instead of porn

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Pron - definition

n : film or literature designed to stimulate sexual desire syn: pornography, porno



"pron" or "pr0n" is

An accidental or deliberate misspelling of the word 'porn'. Due to the common misspelling of the word, it has been accepted and encouraged amongst the online gaming community.
It was also used to get around keyword filtering such as in AOL's parental control.
This allowed all the children of the world to have access to all the porn (or pr0n) that is nessessary for a healthy childhood.

"dude, I found some wicked newfangled pr0n on the interweb"

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Pron - slang

You know when you want to masturbate when you look up porn, you type it in fast and you misspell porn, insted getting pron.

Jack: What are you doing?
Bob: Looking up porn.
Jack: No, your looking up pron.

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l337 for porn.

Pron is cheaper than dating!

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1337 (leet) for pornography. usually the o is replaced by the digit 0, ie: pr0n.

hey, that's some kickass pr0n.

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Its actually pr0n, and its spelled this way so that it doesn't show up when someone searches the word "porn".

It was introduced as a masking tool to prevent people from logging your involvement in less than reputable activities. Much like the original intent behind 1337 speak itself.

Similar words for divisions of pr0n that are still in use include:
[email protected] - (pedophylia)
qwerty - (bestiality)
showme - (voyuer)
rorikon/lolikon - (anime child)
momashi - (incest)
BBW - (Big Breasted Women)

Including pr0n in Word_Perfect_help_file_00trpr0n14.pdf makes it hard to realize that the file is actually Tiffany_Shocker.avi renamed; except to the person who masked it of course.

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