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What is promises?

A female that just wanna make money and stay out the way. Promises are very underestimated.

Promise is so cute and funny is shit.

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Promises - what is it?

An empty commitment made by a corporation for marketing purposes. Unlike a warranty or a guarantee, a promise is unenforceable, giving customers zero recourse value. Because a promise takes power away from consumers, many corporations are switching from guarantees to promises. This allows them to make bolder statements without the risk of being held accountable.

Our Promise: every day low prices on farm fresh chickens fed on a diet of organic broccoli and tofu

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What does "promises" mean?

Basically, its a new way of lying. Mainly used by guys who want girls to get off their backs. Also see lies

Boy:I will always love you.
boy:yup. I promise.

Two weeks later -

Boy:I'm sorry. It's over.

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Promises - what does it mean?

something that you are committed to and you don't break what you say your committed to.

I promise to be forever yours.

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Promises - meaning

In British English, "on a promise" simply means that you have arranged to or at least expect to have sex with someone in the near future - usually your regular partner.

Sorry, Dave. No drinks for me tonight. The wife found the handcuffs we used on our weddin' night, so it looks like I'm on a promise, know what I mean?

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Promises - definition

Something that many people make but few people keep.

I promise I'll pay you the money back.

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Promises - slang

Something that you can't break. Ever.

"Promise?" - Finn
"Promise." - Eleven

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The definition of Beautiful. The real meaning of 'One in a million'. Usually of exqusite natural beauty. Smart & Witty, headstrong & focussed. Determined, stubborn as hell! Loving and playful. The most fabulous smile, which lights up a room. Simply stunning inside and out. A diamond in the rough.

You are truely blessed if you ever meet a Promise...

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Someone or something that has the potential to be awesome.

awesome potential hopeful valuable

"He seems like a promising politician" (note: awesomeness, here, is rarely seen)

"Her plan to invest in earplugs for the deaf sounds promising"

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When someone threatens you with something you actually want you can reply β€œpromises promises”

β€œStop that now or I’ll spank you!”
β€œPromises promises”

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