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What is pressured?

(n). To signify being hypertensive.

He done fell out, he has the pressures and the sugars!

9er done fell out the sugars leaking welfare wagon bandaid bus

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Pressured - what is it?

problem, it would be said to someone before a fight, got beef

a- fuck you bitch!
b- what nigga you got pressure??
a- bitch nigga i dont give a fuck
b- shoot me a fade then

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What does "pressured" mean?

A name for weed in many Florida hoods.

Jay: Ey Bruss you got some pressure?
Droid: Yea, here.

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Pressured - what does it mean?

Typically used to say someone is good looking, because they out you under pressure with their flawless looks

Look at him/her, they’re pressure

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Pressured - meaning

Said sarcastically to an instruction to carry out something with great significance. The full meaning being "so I'm under no pressure then", when clearly you are.

"If you don't defuse the bomb millions of people will die"

"...No pressure!"

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Pressured - definition

A name for weed. a florida/south term.

"Yo, you got dat pressure"

"Im rollin up da pressure"

"Da pressure got me stuck"

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Pressured - slang

When something or someone is the shit or "that person".

Louisiana slang

Kevin: " Oh that hoe pressure"
Jacob: "What you mean?"
Kevin: "She so fine, she can get some."

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A phrase used to express when you'd like for someone to do something, but you don't want them to feel pressure to do it immediately or to feel burdened by it; rather, whenever they have the chance or if they can.

It is also used to express when you're not intending to pressure someone or to soften a request you have for someone so that it doesn't feel hard, harsh, or demanding.

It can also be used sarcastically, in an event when there really IS pressure to so something.

Hey, call me whenever you decide. No pressure.

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That bomb ass weed. Weed that will make you suffocate.

Socket: Aye bro you got that good shit.
Plug: Nigga I got that pressure.

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A word used by British chavs to mean intimidating opps or disliked people. Similar to peer-pressure but is usually done for intimidation against people when attempting to start beef or escelate a situation.

"Yo brudda word been you seen caught lackin in ends what you saying"
"Nah nah g thats wass trust I aint moving like that"
"You an opp g I seen you lackin myself you calling me a liar yeah?"
"Nah nah nah"
"You sayin I'm lying, disrespecting me yeah?"
"Nah g I aint said nuttin"
"If you think you all bigman come park tommorow in town ya get me"
"I aint trying to beef opps yano"
"You playing your mouth come down park or I'll catch you"
"Nah this is unfair"
"You being pressured g I can see. You're a melt yano that"
"Ok Ok I'll come down then tommorow yeah"
"Ight, Pussy"

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