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What is post nut clarity?

Post nut clarity is when you bust a nut, your mind becomes clear and you achieve negative hornyness.
This has practical uses if you want to get something done but can’t get to it because of your sexual urges.

Post nut clarity can also be when you realize what f*cked up sh*t you just beat your meat to, and instantly regret that you were born male.
Just remember that you should never feel regretful of something that felt right in the moment, if that’s some weird shi*t then you might just be a weirdo though.

I had no motivation to do homework, but with that post nut clarity I had that sh*t done right away.

Ay I’m never beating my meat to fat library women again, wtf am I doing?

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post nut clarity - video

Post nut clarity - what is it?

After you nut you will have regrets about how you nutted, life, ETC

I can’t believed I asked that girl for nudes, it was so dirty. I’m disgusting I can’t believe I wacked off, I’m having Post-nut clarity.

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What does "post nut clarity" mean?

The eudaimonia and mental clarity achieved after busting a fat nut, best achieved with having sex with a person you truly love

Dude 1: I couldn’t study Stat Mech for shit. So I went out with this girl I met on tinder and fucked her doggy style.
Dude 2: What does this have to do with Stat Mech.
Dude 1: The Post Nut Clarity made everything click.

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Post nut clarity - what does it mean?

Definition: The “opening of the mind” which occurs in a man after he has unleashed the fattest nut ever nutted in the chronicles of nut-kind. This “opening” is characterized by an incredibly intense feeling of “awakening” and “awareness”. The individual in question feels as if the secrets and inner-workings of the universe have suddenly been unraveled before his eyes.

Collapsing on the sidewalk, Jonathan felt the post-nut clarity weeping over him.

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Post nut clarity - meaning

Hindsight in real time

"Dude give me five min I'm bout ot do dome dumb shit I need some post nut clarity"
"Ight homeboy cum to your senses"

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Post nut clarity - definition

Clearing your mind by masturbating, preventing any wrong or regrettable decisions.

"What would you do right now if you won $200 million?"

"Beat my meat. I need post-nut clarity before I make my next move."

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Post nut clarity - slang

The immediate clear mindedness or soberness an individual gains after orgasming (busting a nut).

Can be achieved via pre-bating (mastubating before a date/ encounter to reduce sexual urges.)

Also refers to the phenomena when an individual loses interest in a person after they have sex with them.

Term mostly used by men, but women have gradually began using it as well.

1. I saw my baby’s mom the other day and I couldn’t stop thinking how fine she looked, I honestly had to go home and beat my meat to get some Post Nut Clarity because I was tripping, I wasn’t thinking straight to wanna to be messing with her again.

2. Remember that fine guy from the club, we went back to his place afterwards and we fucked, immediately after I came I regretted it, I’d never really date a guy like that... nothing like some Post Nut Clarity to reveal to you that you’re only smashing someone just because you’re super horny.

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Post nut clarity

that moment after you fap when you realize just what the fuck you've been yankin* to

*definition number 3

post-nut clarity is the leading cause of search history deletion

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Post nut clarity

The feeling of lucidity a man gets after he has been beating it--this feeling gets worse with the weirder shit a man has been jerking off to

Jerry: Dude, yesterday i was watching wizard of oz and jacking off to it, and post nut clarity hit me hard when i realized putting my dick in a scarecrow isn't normal.
Brian: Jerry what the fuck

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Post nut clarity

the immediate clearness of one’s mind and/or soberness an individual gains after busting a nut causing the excess testosterone to leave one’s body, thus one's mind is no longer clouded by the evolutionary need to fuck everything that moves for a few minutes.

Person 1: Wow I think I just invented time travel.
Person 2: Should have been your post nut clarity.

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