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What is possible?

While driving on the highway, spotting an unmarked vehicle ahead that resembles a cop car. This sighting causes you to slow down and remain behind the car until you figure out if it is safe to pass. The most notorious models include the Ford Crown Victoria and the similar looking Mercury Marauder, and nowadays can include the Chevrolet Impala, Dodge Charger, etc.

Guy: What are you slowing down for dude?
Driver: Theres a Crown Vic up there
Guy: So?
Driver: Possible pig bro
Guy: Oh word good call

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Possible - what is it?

(n) girl parts. famous slang for what Carrie Prejean was playing with during her 8+ sex tapes.

Carrie Prejean can be seen rubbing her Lady Possible in her homemade sex films.

See also: taco

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What does "possible" mean?

A positive and inspiring way to ask a lady if you can go in.

After multiple healthy activities and high-fives, she agreed on the Pathway to Possible.

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Possible - what does it mean?

Another way of stating IMpossible

Can't be done, no, not possible!

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Possible - meaning

Refering to men or women that are of interest to the opposite sex. The person comes across amuseing, and could possibly be a potential mate. But until that is known, the person is referred to as a "possibilitie".

A woman walks into a bar and notices right away that there are many goodlooking men that she would be interested in. These men are called possibilities. They just might possibly have looks and a personality to offer, but thats to be determined.

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Possible - definition

The most fucking complicated word ever. No one fully knows what it means. Someone once said to me β€˜we could possibly go out’ the suspense killed me I felt like I was suffocating. In the end I was a no and because of the suspension I definitely handled it worse. Don’t keep people waiting it actually just enhances how shitty the result will be if it’s negative

Person1: β€œyour favourite colour is green right?”

Person2:” possibly”

Person0987: β€œare you feeling better?”

(Most probably a yes)


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Possible - slang

Used by English teachers to say while one's idea is complete nonsense it must be considered as an example of literary criticism.

Student: "I think Hamlet was tripping on Acid".
English Teacher: "Possibly"

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also, argualbly, maybe, perhaps etc.

Means yes (but I don't want to admit it).

Did you sleep with that minger last night?

I might, possibly, have been massively wasted last night.

You wanna come smoke some tree?

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an overused word by mark lee.

"i feel like the possibility of all those possibilities being possible is just another possibility that can possibly happen" said mork lee

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Something that can be done or achieved.

- I heard that Micky Lindsay got laid last night.

-I don't think that's possible. He was with us trying to explain philosophy to sober people while drunk. It's probably another false rumor.

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