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What is poseurs?

dude, come ON.....

If you acctually like what you say you like then your not a poser
exanple- if sombody were to say that they liked Green Day, Avril, and Good Charlotte, and they ment it, then technically they arnt a poser, they are being themselves

Another thing

Lets say some steriotypically "goth" girl/boy were to have this absolute love of eminem, and like ownd all of the albums and had a few t-shirts and stuff like that, people would call him/her a poseur. Because he/she didnt fit in with the steriotype.

IF somebody is acctually expressing themself it does NOT make then a poser not to fit in with anyones expectations
that totally defeats the entire purpose of the word.

A poser is ACCTUALLY somone who does not liek what they say they do
example: Some preppy girl decides to wear all black just becasue she wants to be "non conforming" however, she still listens to hip hop and goes sailing in her tiny bikini

the end.
thats it.
move on.

Jenny is not a poseur becasue she acctualyy likes what she says she does.

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Poseurs - what is it?

the overly insecure bastard who belongs nowhere. they just dont understand that labels and stereotypes dont exist. they just happen naturally. poseurs may dress and spend a million dollars on clothes to make them the person they want to be, but any real person can automatically pick them up from a group of kids, they think they belong to. many preppies become poseurs as they try oh so hard to be in style. listen up my dears, who cares about the word "trend?" we can stress this on and on, but poseurs will never understand that being themselves would be much beter off for them rather than changing their clothes/music taste/dialogue to be something thats "in."

think about it this way, being a poseur, evryone in the so-called "label" that ur trying to be in hates you, ur most likely not really enjoying being who ur trying to be unless u hav so much experience as a poseur u might as well jump off a cliff 5 million times and never get rid of ur deadly disease, and u probably hav no true friends. trust me, just be you. dont giv others and yourself a bad name.

a poseur = a prep
one week, ur so "G"
second week, ur "emo" and hate ghetto shit
third week, ur a "metalhead" and ur saying "screw those emo whiney kids"
fourth week, u find urself in abercrombie and fitch, "like omg yea i mean they hav like the most trendiest in-style clothes"
fifth week, u knock down one garbage can cuz u think its hardcore so now ur "punk" "its anticormbie and bitch, fucken preps"
sixth week, well if ur gonna keep changing urself, u might as well suicide, hey u WERE once emo =

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What does "poseurs" mean?

1) N. One who attempts to acheive a status, look or appeal which they do not have the traits to posess. Also could be someone posing as something that they are not, for reasons known or unknown.

2)High-school label. Used as a degrading term toward the sort of people who wear pyramid belts etc. but giggle a lot. However, the label is equally immature.

3)The word that the misspelling "poser" came from, the reason for which being undecided but either
a) George Bush didn't like the fact that "poseur" sounded French, or
b) some moron couldn't spell and it spread.

Sorry, I can't think of an example but you all know what I mean. If you don't, please just look at other examples.

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Poseurs - what does it mean?

Someone who Pretends to be something/someone they are not.

Poseur-punk will dress/act like a punk, but really not know anything about any punk bands other than that pop/punk band Green Day. (nothing wrong with Green Day)

Poseur-Metalhead(I've been accused of this... ughh...):Someone who claims to be a metalhead, but really isn't, only knows like one metal song, and doesn't even like it.

Poseur-prep: Three words: What. The. Fuck. I mean, honestly.. Who WANTS to be a prep? but onto the def. A poseur prep: Someone who acts all preppy and tries to be popular.. but really sucks at it. Hey! Guess what.. Three more words: Stop. Fucking. Trying.

Poseur-Goth/Emo: Yes, I know Goths and Emo's are different, but, I'm smushing it into one... Someone who dresses in all black and whines about their cutting, but really, when they *do* cut, they start crying and bitching about how painful it is.

Poseur-Popular kid: Someone who tries to fit in with the "popular kids" by ditching their old friends, then get laughed at, then try to get their old friends back, fail, and end up sad, and alone...

Poseur-Poseur: Someone who pretends to be a poseur. If there isn't such a thing, I'm sorry.. my bad.. oh well.. Poseurs probably have people who wish they where them. I wonder. Oh well.

Poseur-Skater/Surfer: Someone who doesn't know how to skate, but pretends they do, and spend all their parents money on Skateboards that they can't even use.

And last but not least (they're all least)....

Poseur-Stoner: Someone trying to pretend they get high every night, but have probably never tried drugs in their life, and think that smoking is the best way to die. Two words: You. Suck.

Happy Trails!

Misha:We're what you would probably call the STONERS

Alex(poseur): But I get high every night! I'm part of your clique, RIGHT??

Austin: NO. Wait.. what clique? No clique here.. just us! Go away... POSEUR!

----------------------- ---OR-------------------------------

Icca: I'm so fucking Metal and I swear too much, and I love Soccer and I'm soo good!

Austin: Stop. Poseur. YOU. ARE. NOT. A. METALHEAD!

Icca: Yes I am! Don't treat me like this! *cries*

--------------------- -----OR-------------------------------

The Misha: Hey!
Austin: Hey!

Preppy girl: HeY GuYs! LyKe WaSsUp?

Poseur-Prep: Hey guys, I love ponies and shit! I'm so fucking preppy!

Austin & Misha & Preppy Girl: GO AWAY POSEUR!!!

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1. A poser is most commonly defined as someone who acts in a manner inconsistent with their personality. One who tries to be something they are not.
2. One who accuses others of being poseurs, or more commonly "posers," in order to up their own social status, so that they themsleves will not be labeled as a poseur.

I was walking through Borders the other day and I heard this Poseur talking about how he/she loves emo and listens to Miss. A. Lavigne all the time.

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A person who pretends to be someone he/she is not. Can be used in both the English and French languages. Means the same thing as poser.

Stop being a poseur and stay true to yourself.

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Somebody acting in a manner inconsistent with their true self.

"That stylie over there is such a poseur."

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Poseur is the correct version of the more common "poser". The term is used for 2 reasons-

A) As an insult, used by one who is insecure and attempts to enhance their image by making people believe they have the authority to call someone else a poseur,


B) One who groups him or her self in a particular social clique in order to appear trendy or "edgy" but doesn't believe in the principals held by said clique and is only leeching onto it in order to avoid the social ridicule of not being part of a clique. A poseur will probably change their "style" once every 6 months, possibly more.

The common thread is insecurity- the insecurity to be yourself and be happy with it. Poseurs are the kinds of people who only appear "cool" to people who are just as insecure as they are. But no one ever found success lying to themselves for acceptance.

"Those mall punks are such poseurs, they have anarchy signs written all over their All-Stars, but nota single one of the retarded 8 year olds knows what it is, or that the sweatshopped armbands they all bought at Hot Topic support the system they claim to be rebelling against. Now lets go home and listen to some Yellowcard and cry so we can be hardcore," says the pussy emo kid with the rich parents and cute girlfriend, who has nothing to complain about, before I punch him.

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Yes kids, that is how you spell poseur. No, I'm not trying to spell it some "fancy french way." Don't believe me? Let's go take a look at handy old Webster's:

Main Entry: po·seur
Pronunciation: pO-'z&r
Function: noun
Etymology: French
Date: 1872
: a person who pretends to be what he or she is not : an affected or insincere person

And there you have it. Still don't believe me? Let's look up "poser":

Main Entry: pos·er
Pronunciation: 'pO-z&r
Function: noun
Etymology: pose
Date: 1793
: a puzzling or baffling question



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The correct spelling of the word poser.
A person who habitually pretends to be something he is not syn: poser

Man, those white kids are such poseurs

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