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What is popular game?

a place when one game gets popular
and its mostly a roleplay game
every roblox youtuber will start making videos on the game and milk it to hell

popular roblox games: when Brookhaven started to get popular on roblox all the youtubers started making videos on it and abandoning the game they milked before. sooner a new |roleplay game| will take its place and take the attention.

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popular game - video

Popular game - what is it?

a game that everybody plays one day. and then the next day you will be bullied for playing it


john: hey man you wanna play Minecraft. its the new popular game, literally everyone is playing it
jim: sure what do you want to build


*John sees Jim playing Minecraft when he arrives at school*

john: omg Jim!! you still play Minecraft. your such a nerd. literally, no one plays that anymore
jim: yeah i actually liked it and i did not play it just because it was popular like you did

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