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What is pong?

a substitute for pretty much any dirty word
(also the latter part of an indoor sport, but that's different)
only a few of my firends say this now, but feel free to pass it on

dude, i totally ponged ur mom
i laid my pong on ur face whilst you slept
or even
aag! there's pong all over my shirt

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Pong - what is it?

The greatest game ever made.

Dude, 8 bit Pong rules!

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What does "pong" mean?

1. noun. game played on atari... one of the first games ever.
2.verb. to get an apple (preferably a red one though green ones work too) whipped at your nuts at more than 55 mph.

(definition 2 was created in per. 4 lunch at my school. jake and zak were throwing an apple back and forth and then gabe stood up and rafial stole the apple and threw it as hard as he could. it proceeded to hit gabe right in the nuts. mike fell on the floor laughing... from that day forth... pong was invented.)

1. "when i was your age i didnt play gta 3... i played PONG!" said dad.

2."why are you here?" asked the nurse. "i got ponged" retorted mike as he gell to the ground wincing in pane.

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Pong - what does it mean?

A verb meaning to beat someone in the testicles with a plank of wood from a picket fence.

Shut up or i'll pong you good!

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Pong - meaning

When somebody says "ping" whoever says "pong" gets whatever was being given away

Someone holding bag of chips they no longer want
First person to say pong gets it

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Pong - definition

something or someone behaving in a stupid manner

'You are such a pong, you didn't know that!'

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Pong - slang

see ping

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Aussie slang for 'smell'

"When Mitch farts, he really pongs."

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1. Ancient video game, the simplest and most addictive of it's kind in which you play virtual ping pong.

2. A bad smell

3. ChanServ's reply to !ping

Pong is a great game!

Eww.. what's that pong?

A: Pong!

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British slang. A bad smell.

There was a bit of a pong in the room, so he opened the window to air it out.

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