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What is politicians?

suck my balls...............

politicians suck my balls

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politicians - meme gif

politicians meme gif

politicians - video

Politicians - what is it?

someone who wears a hat when they crap so that they know which end to wipe!

they have no sense of humor.

you will never see politicians at a comedy lounge

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What does "politicians" mean?

Am I alone in thinking that every single politician must be hanging out with and smoking crack with Marion Barry?

I think all politicians are on crack.

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Politicians - what does it mean?

Disgusting bunch of dirty pig felchers.

Life would be so much better without politicians and celebrities.

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Politicians - meaning

ah they're all nuts!

"theeeeeeeeeeeey're poop!"

politicians are lying scum assholes

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Politicians - definition

A.rotten bastards
B.lying assholes
C.thieving crooks,murderers and cheats
D.all of the above

answer: _D.all of the above_


politicians suck ass ........................

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Politicians - slang

People who are paid to spend everyone else's money.

Damn politicians are using our money to buy beer again.

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They're assholes.They're ALL assholes.

politicians are nuts!

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lying asshole

politicians dont do shit for the common man. they only help the rich

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politicians are to truth what Mtv is to music

that bears repeating:

"politicians are to truth what Mtv is to music" -me

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