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What is pillow?

tit, they make great pillows, cu they're nice and soft

I slept on her pillows.

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Pillow - what is it?

a word used to take the place of the word pound when communicating with supplier to be discrete

yo you got and green left ??? yeah i got 3 pillows

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What does "pillow" mean?

A code word used when making drug deals over the telephone for an ounce of any illegal drug. It was born from a thought chain:

ounce: oz: z: zzz's (sleep): pillow

Would you mind picking me up a pillow for me?
I'm going to pick up a few pillows in the city this weekend. You need to catch any sleep?

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Pillow - what does it mean?

A soft squishy bag, usually full of dead cats.

Get that pillow off the couch, and stop stinking up the house!

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Pillow - meaning

fat sack of any drug

I keep real on the streets, serving pillows of tweak to the fiends that geek!

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Pillow - definition

n. A rectangular cloth bag stuffed with feathers, foam rubber, or other soft materials, used to support the head when lying down.
v. Rest (one's head) as if on a pillow.

ed. - Also a brilliant tool to engage in friendly fights in. Honestly, people.

n. I went to bed and rested my head on a pillow.
v. He pillowed on the train station.

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Pillow - slang

An object used by males when masturbating; the male rubs his cock and balls up and down on the pillow until he jacks off all over it

Jim found several of his roommate's pubic hairs on his pillow

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also used in similar mastubatory way by females. ;)

wet pillow !

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A word used to describe boobs of any size.

My girlfriend let me rub Mr. Johnson between her pillows last night.

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A word used to describe a tightly packed bag of weed. Has a soft cushiony feel and somewhat resembles a green pillow. Also, once you smoke it, you can fall asleep nice and easy.

Yo, I'm tryin to get a pillow tonight.

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