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What is pig-dog?

Luwee Gutierrez

n. a very nasty description of a low life humanoid.

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Pig-dog - what is it?

n. a very nasty description of a low life humanoid.

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What does "pig-dog" mean?

Some one not from around here, having dubious opinions and odors. Taken originally as a reference from Monty Python and the holy grail.

Well, Linden said it was a good idea.

So, Linden is an OPD, fuck Linden.

OPD: Common abbreviation for 'Outland Pig Dog'

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Pig-dog - what does it mean?

one of the best movies ever

in pig dog movie there is a scene when a man that was raped by pigs, births a pig out of his ass and he also has a motorcycle that drives by farts, he have to sit and fart in order to drive

made by 45th pres of usa

allah: i will fuck u my pig
pig:dont fuck me bitch
allah: i will fuck u pig!

from pig dog

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Pig-dog - meaning

A term for surfing backside without grabbing a rail, but instead leaning back and down into the water for traction, usually to get into the barrel

Jack, being goofy footed, tried to pig dog his way through the barrel.

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Pig-dog - definition

A term used in surfing in which you crouch down really low on the board and grab your rail trying to make it through the steep part of the wave of make it in the barrel. When done by the pros it looks cool, but alot of beginners do it when they dont need to, which looks stupid.

That wave was so gnarly and steep I had to pig dog the whole way throught it.

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Pig-dog - slang

A very ugly person.
Someone you wouldn't even be paid to have sex with.

Oh my god thats a right pig-dog.

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A) A female personage, who makes you feel phsically ill at the very sight of.
B) A dog in a 'fancy dress' style pig costume.

Check out the pig-dog to my right. A perfect example, yes?

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Part of the string of insults hurled by the French Taunter in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"

"You don't frighten us, English pig-dog! Go and boil your bottoms, son of a silly person. I blow my nose on you, so-called Arthur-king, you and your silly English K...kaniggets." ~French Taunter

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