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What is perpetrator?

To plan, create, and carry out a sheer abominable act

"Perpetration's been really heavy tonight."

"Did you witness the perpetration going on in that car?"

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Perpetrator - what is it?

The act of trying to be something you're not; wether it be a gangster or anything else in life.

Quit trying to perpetrate, Jerry. You're no good on the court!

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What does "perpetrator" mean?

From 'Perpetrate' - The act of commiting a serious wrong against another. *Please Note* Also may be classified by Degrees from 1-3 (with 1 being the worst).

"I can't even believe that ho slept with my man...that is a PERPETRATION!"
Or with degrees
"Oh no she did not wear those raggedy a$$ shoes, that is a perpetration in the 3rd degree."

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Perpetrator - what does it mean?

To inappropriately and unjustifiably wrong another, particularly -but not necessarily- knowingly or maliciously.

Man, that's the second time this month my paycheck was wrong; they need to quit perpetrating!

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Perpetrator - meaning

To front. To fake it 'til you make it.

Check out that nigga perpetrating like he got some kaish.

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Perpetrator - definition

An individual, typically a college aged male, that spends his weekends crashing parties in order to shoot game at drunk and desperate women. Someone engaged in the act is typically described as perpin or straight perpin. A typical perpetrator travels in a party of no less then 2 other perps.

The awkward freshman hitting on Betty was clearly a perpetrator and was quickly removed from the party.

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Perpetrator - slang

See Ice Cube

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to claim membership in an exclusive organization such as a fraternity or sorority without actually being a member. To go as far as to purchase wearing apparel (paraphernalia) to keep up the facade.

Joe was in fear of his life once it was discovered he was a perpetrator who had falsified a claim to membership in the Omega fraternity.

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some motherfucker who crosses or disrespects you.

"shut up, you motherfucking perpetrator."

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A perpetrator is...

-Someone who dresses 'gangsta,' talks 'gangsta,' and generally acts 'gangsta,' but doesn't live the gang lifestyle.

-Someone who admires emulates the gangsta style of dress, speech, music, etc, but doesn't commit to a gangsta life.

"Nah, man I'm just a perpetrator! I like the clothes!"

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