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What is perfect specimen?

When looking at someone you realize that no one compares. Flaws and all, you just see perfection. Personality, talents, moral compass, intelligence and outer beauty. You wouldn’t change a thing about them.

Cassandra is by far the perfect specimen in my eyes.

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Perfect specimen - what is it?

A human of extraordinary attractiveness. Key characteristics are body proportion, symmetry, moral fiber, a high level of functional fitness, and overall intelligence.

'Perfect' - in that nothing need be added or taken away; beauty derived from unity and wholeness.

'Specimen' - in that the individual has qualities, mannerisms, style or ways of thinking that others naturally notice and try to emulate

Contrary to popular belief, perfect specimens do not possess specific body types or facial features, etc - as this falsely implies that there is only one way of being perfect. (This is why combining Megan Fox's face, Kim Kardashian's breasts, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's legs would look unnatural - visually striking maybe, but not truly compelling)

Perfect specimens often inspire feelings of awe, intimacy, mesmerization, and love, or alternatively fear, jealousy, envy and hatred.

"There's just something about him...he's like a perfect specimen"

"She's got it all - looks, smarts, talent. What a perfect specimen!"

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