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What is penis showing game?

When two men do it in the butt

Looks like Jeff and dave were butt humping again.
Yeah penis game

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Penis showing game - what is it?

The penis game is a game you can play in class or public. The objective of the game is to see who can say penis the loudest. The loser has to masturbate

Ayo John lets play the penis game

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What does "penis showing game" mean?

A game where 2+ people take turns saying "penis." The first to chicken out or get caught loses.

Person1 wanna play the penis game
Person2 penis
Person3 Penis
Person1 PEnis
Teacher: Detention

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Penis showing game - what does it mean?

The game where two people say penis louder and louder until a teacher writes one of them up. That person is the winner.

Ted: Lets play the penis game.
Teacher: Laura go to detention you dirty mexican.
Ted: Damn it i lose again!!!

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Penis showing game

Usually, this game consists of a group of boys in a large public place, and they will yell the word penis at different volumes, he who says it the loudest wins.

mike: penis(whisper)

kevin wins the penis game.

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Penis showing game

This is a game that needs a minimum of 2 players. it can be played anywhere from the workplace to school. It starts when one player says penis ! the other player must say penis ! but louder than the first person. it goes on until one player quits or cant get louder than the other.

Tom yelled Penis! and i instantly knew he was playing the penis game

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Penis showing game

Penis Game

A game 2-6 people play where one person says penis, then the next person has to say it louder, then to the point they are screaming “PENIS” at the top of their lungs. If you fail to yell it louder or just refuse to yell it at all, you are eliminated from the game.

Me-“Let’s play the penis game!
Person 2-“Penis”
Person 3-“Penis!”
Person 4-“PENIS!”
Person 5-“𝗣𝗘𝗡𝗜𝗦!!!”
*awkward staring*

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Penis showing game

A game show is a type of television program in which people play a game that involves answering questions or solving problems for money and/or prizes. On some shows contestants compete against other players or another team while other shows involve contestants playing alone for a good outcome or a high score. Game shows often reward players with prizes such as cash, trips and goods and services provided by the show's prize suppliers. Many television game shows descended from similar programs on radio.

Examples of game shows include Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, The Price is Right, and Deal or No Deal.

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Penis showing game

The Penis Showing Game or otherwise known as "The Game". Featured in the motion picture "Waiting" (2005), it is a game created by the character Raddimus and is widely played by all the male workers of Shenaniganz.

The main objective of the game is to get someone to look at your genitals and accusing them of being homosexual by calling them a faggot, then following a firm kick to the arse. No matter what, you must call them a faggot, otherwise the game loses it's whole meaning.

In the movie, Raddimus describes the several positions to a newcomer at Shenaniganz. He explains that there are several different positions with different difficultly levels. As the difficultly level rises so does the number of kicks you can give your victim.

Here are the positions:

1. "The Flash And Go"

The player plainly pulls down his pants, allowing time for his victim to appreciate it, then bringing the pants back up. For that, you get one kick.

2. "The Brain"

Here you isolate your testicles with your fist, forcing them forward against the skin to resemble that of a brain. For that, you get 2 kicks.

3. "The Bat Wing"

This is where you take the excess skin of your genitals and stretch them out until it is flat like paper. Now you should be able to see some vains and the slight resemblance to a bat wing. For that, you get 3 kicks.

4. "The Goat"

What Raddimus describes as one of the more "Trickier" moves of the game. What you do, is you palm your penis into your hand and you stretch it behind you so that it is visible from the cavity between your anus. For that, you get 4 kicks.

Now these are just the basic positions. But as the movie quotes, "We're always looking for creativity, so when you got a little down time to yourself, play with your nuts, you might just create a new move."

So we were playing the penis showing game. David concealed his "brain" at the last minute and busted it out. He got two kicks on everyone.

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Penis showing game

A game where two people show their penises to each other while beating off and see who can jizz on the other person first. Sometimes played in the office for juvenile amusement.

Mr. Shittington beat me in a penis showing game and shot jizz all up in my mouth. I loved it! Wanna play me?

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