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What is penguin?

Any one of 18 extant species of flightless seabird of the order Sphenisciformes.

Penguins are really cool birds!

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penguin meme gif

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Penguin - what is it?

Somebody who is so sexually innocent that even the most obviously perverted jokes and sexiest women cannot affect them. Usually only applies to teenagers, children do not count as penguins.

Penguins can also be people who simply do not think of sexual thoughts, they do not notice scantily clad classmates or get aroused often, if ever.

"Steve is such a penguin, he didn't even notice when Marissa bent over right in front of his face."

"You're such a penguin! Don't you ever think about the ladies?"

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What does "penguin" mean?

(n.)small aquatic bird that I want as a pet to swim through my foyer once I own a gigantic manshion;

"Don't mind the penguin. He's just for show."

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Penguin - what does it mean?

the feathery little bastards who you love to hate, and hate to love, but somehow, they make great disney movies. You know what, i was going to write a movie about penguins, but then the goddamn happy feet movie came out. i still wanted to write it, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, it was COPYWRITED. you know what? FUCK THE MAN! IM GONNA BUILD A GIANT FUCKING PENGUIN ROBOT SUIT, AND CRUSH THOSE LITTLE ASSFUCKERS AT DISNEY! AND WHILE IM AT IT, IM GOING TO DROP COOLANT FLUIDS ON THOSE MOTHERS AT THE IRS!!! THEY TAXED THE GODDAMN ROBOT SUIT, AND THEY'RE GONNA REGRET IT!!! HOW DO YA LIKE ME NOW YOU CHEAP FUCKERS????

"wow... the guy who wrote this is freakin phyco..."


nooooooooooooo!!!!!!! not the penguin suit! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

(also, people who like penguins, such as the author of this, tend to suffer from severe cases of raging insanity. side effects may include, random rants, building insanely cool gadgets, and world domination.)

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Penguin - meaning

After a man climaxes in a woman's anus, the cheek clinching waddle she makes on her way to the toilet to avoid spilling on the new carpet.

"I'm getting rid of my hardwood floors strictly for the penguin encounters"

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Penguin - definition

1. An extremely cool flightless bird that genally lives in cold areas.

2. A racist term describing a person whose half black and half white.

1. OMG! Look a penguin!

2. OMG! Look a penguin! *gets jumped*

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Penguin - slang

1)The creature you can steal from Antartica without authorities noticing.
2)Mascot of Linus Torvalds

1) you stole my penguin!!!
2) w00t!!! look at that penguin go!

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Cold waddling thingys

Look! Its a penguin

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Partner for life; a soulmate. Comes from the fact that once a penguin chooses a mate, they stay together for life.

"Will you be my penguin?"

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An extremely cool bird that will kill all who do not absolutly love it and has the potential to invent space travel and wish to establish a colony on Pluto

"the penguins have launched several thousand AM-Bombs around the world after extracting their supporters. We're all fucking screwed."

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