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What is pats?

Two consecutive gentle taps on the fleshiest part of the buttocks.

While you are hugging your boyfriend/girlfriend you give them a Pat Pat.

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Pats - what is it?


Look at her Pat Pat

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What does "pats" mean?

Jep Robertson's definition of sex.

"I was hoping for some pat pat while out here with Jess."
"If I buy her everything she wants, I will get some pat pat tonight."

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Pats - what does it mean?

To give a "pat pat"
when u hit someone's top of the head softly, with open hand, usually to make compliments, generally used with animals or kids.

It's often used in comics language as
onomatopeic word
(in peanuts' strips "pat pat" situations are often drawn)

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A “Pats” is a swimbait used to catch monster Bass, the original bait was carved from the handle of Thor’s hammer. Pat found Thor’s hammer handle while “shore banging” a lake near Mount Olympus. It is said the person in possession of this original bait is the only person that can create a working pats bait. “Pats” are created by adding holy water to the original during a lunar eclipse and the original can then “re-produce” similar to mogwai. Each reproduction can yield anywhere between 2-7 baits. was the first website ever created and it broke the internet. This happened in the year 1832. It took until the 1970’s for the internet to be repaired and put back in use the way we see today and that is why you cannot find pats on the internet. It has been said that there are currently only 3 largemouth bass in existence over 30lbs. Those 3 fish are all waiting for a “Pats”. Fish have been seen leaving water in search of a pats to eat. There was once a Young boy that could not walk, his father placed a Pats on the end of a stick and mounted it over his shoulder. That young boys name was Usain Bolt.

Santa: What would you like for Christmas?
Boy: A Unicorn
Santa: Be realistic.
Boy: I’ll take a “Pats”
Santa: What color Unicorn do you want?

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(Noun) *pah-tz* (Latin/Greek origin) Pats-- In the middle ages, a pats would be a man who runs rampant throughout the streets and bedclothes older woman.

Did you see jimmy got with barbra last night? what a fuckin pats

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Plural, stands for Patrols. Typically used in MMORPG games and stands for attackable non playing objects (mobs) that are patrolling an instance.

Bring this mob back dood, pats are incoming.

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1.N) Type of candy, always sweet and "OUT OF THIS WORLD", named after patricia herself. Best flavors are strawberry and fried chicken

Those pats are delicious!

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the illest cheesesteak establishment in the world. home to the original cheesesteak & way greater than its faux paux competitors (tony luke, gino, etc.)

we're gunna swing by pats before the game & pick up some steaks, ite?!

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Nickname for the New England Patriots football team

this year da pats gonna win da super bowl

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