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What is pain?

When you're a lonely person and whether that loneliness changes or not is outta your hands.

What a pain. My life is son painful, and nobody cares.

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Pain - what is it?

What happens when you stub your pinky toe.

''The meaning of true pain is the stubbing of pinky toes..''

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What does "pain" mean?

when your favourite anime gets taken off netflix and you go into a state of depression, proceeding to wear only black and anime merch until you find a new anime to watch or a new place to watch it.

why do we live if it is only to suffer, pain knocking at our door and tearing at our flesh- and then... AND THEN... the one thing we live for... is gone...

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Pain - what does it mean?

Gods way of telling you he doesn't want you to do the thing you are doing at that time.

Jimmy: Ow, i am in pain.
George: You shouldn't be touching the stove.

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Pain - meaning

the stupid tingly feeling that God punished you with for being alive.

I feel pain in my arm Dang it.

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Pain - definition

Pain is just an obstacle everyone must overcome to better themselves.

Person A: Man, i'm in so much pain after my gerbil was thrown into the ocean!

Person B: Dude, that was two months ago, just learn from your mistakes and let it go.

Person A: Oh, ok!

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Pain - slang

something Bruno Mars would go through

β€œi would go through all this pain”

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a hurt, some are bearable while others are not. some physical pain and emotional pain is unbearable because when you were cut, it was deep, and it bleed, and it got infected, and it scared... it slowly kills you

pain of life and love and hope

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What happens when you reach into the blender to dislodge a stuck icecube without unplugging it first.

Life has pain.

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pain can be mental or physical. sometimes when it’s mental people change it to physical because mental pain hurts a lot worse than any physical pain.

pain is caused by life i guess, human nature.
maybe you fall, or get cut or bleed.
or maybe you feel empty, sad or hopeless.
these are all examples of pain.

i feel so much pain i can’t do this anymore
what do you feel? -pain.

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