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What is paesan?

(n) Shortened form of paesano, which is Italian for countryman, brother, or pal.

Yo, paesan! Howyoudoing?

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Paesan - what is it?

(n) (1) The shorted version of "paesano." Italian for "countryman", but can also be used to mean friend, brother, buddy, homeboy, or dawg among Italians. "Paesan" is actually the correct spelling, while "paisan" is the misspelled Americanized version.
(2)RARE: an Italian. When used to mean "Italian", paesan is usually friendly and non-offensive, but can be insulting if it is said in a contemptuous or patronizing way.

(1) Hey, paesan, wanna come cruising with us?
(2) Get yer greasy guinea ass outta here,"PAESAN"! We don't like your kind around these parts!

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