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What is overrun?

Revo's pricey way of saying crackle maps which they once slated

'Newly release advanced overrun crackles'

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overrun - meme gif

overrun meme gif

overrun - video

Overrun - what is it?

A "system failure" which occurs when an in-progress DVR recording "runs over" and catches up to the live, on-air broadcast, leaving the viewer to suffer through commercial breaks and other moments typically advanced past using the fast forward feature. Recovery can be attained by postponing the live review, or through the use of the pause and replay features, to refill the "buffer" of recorded content.

Can also apply to streaming video and related live-playing internet media, such as a YouTube video, when hampered by a sluggish download speed.

"Even though I set my DVR to record the finale, I just couldn't wait to watch it. So rushed home, got there about 20 after, and hit play, but after zipping though the first two commercial breaks I hit a buffer overrun and now I'm stuck watching the stupid commercials! Grar!"

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What does "overrun" mean?

Slightly damaged items manufactured by branded companies. Of course branded companies does not officially sell this because it does not meet the standards the company has set.

Let's go to this store! They sell overruns.

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