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What is over-zealous?

Overness: (Noun) 1. The state or quality of being completely emotionally free of a significant other after a breakup or a dumping incident. 2. A sense of peace that encompasses the heart when the mere thought of an ex-somebody no longer induces feelings of loss, pain, sadness, vomiting, or keying of car paint, and, in fact, only stirs a fond memory or two, instead. 3. A mythical state or quality actually only achieved through insanity or death or by getting thee to a nunnery or monastery and finding God in the power of ascetic silence, Gregorian chants, and itchy robes.

"I have finally achieved overness from the governess, with whom I had a long and passionate affair in the west wing."

"You had better be achieving 'overness' from reading that particular author with whom you had a five year affair, or I'll go apeshit on your self-pitying alabaster ass."

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Over-zealous - what is it?

Said at the end of a conversation entry from the newly popular HeyTell application. Most people don't believe it's a requirement to say "Over" when ending their recent HeyTell. This may be true, however, you will sound much cooler if you say "Over."

Typical HeyTell Conversation

Swiss: "I like the St. Louis Lambs."

$: "The Chefs are takin state you goon. Over."

Clearly in this situation the anonymous Swiss is not as cool as $ because $ used Over at the end of his entry.

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What does "over-zealous" mean?

Way of telling someone they are freaking out over nothing. Related to Monica Seles, of 90's fame.

"Whoa, Monica Zealous"

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Over-zealous - what does it mean?

An overachieving latina that commonly uses phrases incorrectly, but is undeniably awesome 60% of the time, 100% of the time.

Leslie Gutierrez is, without a doubt, an zealous enchilita

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The musical intersection of unpleasant rhythm and painful meter changes.

The opening band tonight has a serious case of zealous fuel. I hope its a short set.

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The sexual act in which a bro manages to insert his flaccid dong into a woman's ass while simultaneously incubating his entire scrotum in her vagina. The goal is not to achieve sexual satisfaction, it is an act done in the shameless pursuit of giving warmth to one's genitals. The female need not know the motivation, but generally is not pleased with the outcome. The endgame, my friends, is to fall asleep in this state.

Yo Byron, did you hear that Gilgamesh pulled a Zealous Rasputin on Taybeesha last night? Oh yeah dude for sure, I heard that it was quite the event. She was reasonably livid about the whole thing but she grew to accept it. Who doesn't want a little bit of warmth in their life nigga?

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Very barua batch

Look! That’s barua is from Zealous

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Excited..overly excited..need to get on ridalin

Johnny was over zealous when he got laid by some hot chic

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To be zealous means to be full of enthusiasm, eagerness, and character

Zak is wonderfully zealous.

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overly excited. really really excited about much so that you do something stupid.

he was over-zealous when she asked im out.

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