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What is outa?

An expression that can be used in many different ways:
1. Yelling at someone to leave your residence
2. When you don't believe someone
3. When you are mad at someone
4. To show dominance
5. Just anywhere

1. Bob, get outa my house! Right now!
2. For reals? No.. Get outa my house
3. F**k you! Get outa my house
4. Awww, you just got wrecked! Now, get outa my house!
5. Bob: "sup man?"
Antonio: "get outa my house!"

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Outa - what is it?

Phased used as a suprised reaction to either juicy gossip or a titillating tidbit

Person 1: Did you Jacqueline is dating a man 20 years her junior

Person 2: Are you serious omg get outa town

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What does "outa" mean?

Get the fuck out!

hey you get on outa herre

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Outa - what does it mean?

you say this when someone does something stupid, it is a mix between a dab and a slap

*guy sees meme*
a black kid named tomy: hey i know i am blind but at least i am not black
guy: boi, "get that outa here"

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Outa - meaning

A catch phrase used when you want emphasis something leaving.

Commonly used by Philadelphia Phillies pitchers talking about their pitches.

I had pocket aces and cleaned out this dude and then I said to him, 'boom outa here'.

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Outa - definition

1. No chance of acheiving what you originally wanted, having no luck left.

2. There being no possble way that something will ever happen.

Boy: (looking at the new X-Box 360)
Mom: If you want that, you better save up some money or your shit outa luck.

Boyfirend: (laying in bed waiting for sex)
Girlfriend: HA! Your Shit outa luck if you think your getting any tonight!

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Outa - slang

Meaning "shut up" or "be quiet"

"Nigga u irrelevant fuck outa here."

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When someone asks for a rating of something you just witnessed/experienced. Can be used by anyone seeking more detailed information. Can also be used to judge whether your experience should be replicated by another individual. Sometimes postfaced with your likelihood of recommending it.

Bro1: I just say the best movie!
Bro2: Sweet! Hit me with the outa ten.
Bro1: 9/10 definitely would recommend

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A tribe of small living people who may also be known as skinny or midgets if you say OUTAS around them they will rape you till you die

Did you hear about that outas toby

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abbreviation for 'out of'.

i'm outa here, outa order, outa mind etc.

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