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What is oui?

my clueless ass in french class

teacher: could Jesus microwave a burrito so hot even he cant eat it,
say it in french

me: Oui Oui baguette

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Oui - what is it?

Sydney says this a lot and she doesn’t actually know what it means lol

Sydney: this food is good
Friend: ikr it’s actually really good
Sydney: oui oui baguette
Friend: huh?
Sydney: idek

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What does "oui" mean?

getting crazy with your bad ass self, or getting fucking crazy with your girl

your on dance floor pullen up you top to kid rock chanting OUI...OUI or
hey dude, the was a hot babe you were with last night, u end up doin the OUI....OUI... with that girl

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Oui - what does it mean?

can be used as a substitute for oof

well that’s a big oui

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Tired of everything and bored, might be feeling sleepy.
1/5 of tiredness, 4/5 of sianess.


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The French word for yes

Often used by smelly, egotistical bullshitting brown nosing chefs. most of which are called Richard

Richard: oui!

Everyone else: oh no, not that smelly cunt again

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1) French for yes.
2) Al Bhed for you.

1) Oui.
2) Oui yna tisp.

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a word french women use when having sex

also- the french word for 'yes'

oui! the french woman screamed during sex

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1. you and i

hey theres no oui without you and i

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When you have no fucking clue what’s going on in French class

Ta soeur est putain?

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