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What is orgasmic?

something so amazing that u happen to say said word and proceding u shoot a huge load in ur pants.

emily: wow that was pretty incredible
shelby: yea that was omg...*cums* holy shit that was frickin orgasmic!!!
emily: i no!!!

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Orgasmic - what is it?


elephants are orgasmic

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What does "orgasmic" mean?

when something is so good that its like having an orgasm

This chocolate cake is orgasmic.

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Orgasmic - what does it mean?

adjective, exclamatory

Synonyms: amazing, fantastic

Word expressing delight at something

That gig was orgasmic!

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Orgasmic - meaning

something so exciting, yummy, or fun that its orgasmic.

These tacos are orgasmic!!

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Orgasmic - definition

To like something sooo much it feels like an orgasim.

Omg that pizza was orgasmic!

Wow your car is so orgasmic!

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Orgasmic - slang

something so awesome that it is orgasm worthy

that lightning storm was just orgasmic it was that crazy

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very pleasureable, bringing large amounts of joy, something that is worth repeating

Have you heard of the band Sodom?

Oh hell yeah man, they're orgasmic!

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something that is unbelievably pleasurable that it reminds you of an orgasm or something you take great pleasure in doing/eating/looking at

girl one: Oh my god isnt johnny depp just orgasmic in pirates of the caribbean?
girl 2: Oh my god..yes!

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something that makes you feel as good or better than when you have an orgasm...xD

starburst is orgasmic.
taking a pee or a shit is orgasmic.
hugs are orgasmic.
streching is orgasmic.

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