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What is open source?

When a programmer get's horny

Hey man, you wanna check my titties?
Nah bro, I made my titties. And they're open source titties too.

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open source - video

Open source - what is it?

Talking out loud to yourself not because of insanity but to leave the conversation open for anyone to join to whatever degree.

I was open source talking at the strip club about sandwiches and next thing I knew...(she joins and redirects the conversation here).

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What does "open source" mean?

Open Source Objects Formerly OSO is an ongoing animated Youtube series that released its first episode on April 5th, 2019. Almost anyone can contribute to its production through first joining its Discord, then signing up as a writer, animator, storyboarder, audio engineer, and/or so-on.

You Can Work On Open Source Objects As Well!

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Open source - what does it mean?

Each and every person who defends open source software is a superhero--a superhero who shall be rewarded when the time comes for open source software to dominate the world.

I shall do whatever is necessary to defend, promote, and advocate free libre open-source software. I'm proud to be a Defender of Open Source.

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Open source - meaning

Similar to open source code, its a pussy that can be written to by many men. It is easily corruptable though just like open source code and can give you open sores.

JT: Yo - Angel, damn that biatch is hot as all hell...
Angel: Yeah bro, but I heard she has OSP, Open Source Pussy so you betta triple wrap it!

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Open source - definition

Software available in source code form. Source code and other rights are that usually are reserved for copyright holders are provided under a free software licence that lets people study, improve, change and distribute the software

James Gosling: "I invented Java, one of the most prominent open source software to date! Everyone try and do stuff to it!"

Everyone: Woohooooo! Programming is a blast! We love to tinker with Java!"

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Open source - slang

Software that has a source code available to the public.

Giving the public the ability to modify, improve, and fix the program itself. Allowing the creator of the program to not have to find a way to fix the program himself and allowing more patches and improvements to the software.

Also allowing the public to be able to port the program onto other operating systems, so that dual-booters who can program will make a windows version of an awesome GNU/Linux/BSD/Solaris program.

See also open source

My Slackware has the linux source code locate in "/usr/src/linux". I compile my own linux kernal to fit my needs of my computer. Take that M$!

GPL is an example of an open-source license.

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Open source

A synonym for "abandoned". It is commonly known that open-source projects all become abandoned at some stage, and thus abandoned is just a progressive state of open-source

Orphanges are houses for open source children.
The Smith's house became infested with bugs after they open-sourced it.
The beggar open-sourced his job and has no money to buy food or clothes.

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Open source

Any project that is open to anyone anywhere, everyone everywhere.

An idea, invention, project,that is open to general public to allow changes in anyway (Preferably for the better)

Government has to have an opeon source policy for street crime prevention.

Lincolndogs is an open source animation project

Dr Malik applies an open source policy on all his inventions and innovations

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Open source

1. A group of software whose source code is available to the general public for the purpose of improvement, modification, etc.
2. Any software released under the GPL, LGPL, or other open source licenses.
3. The stuff that makes Bill Gates' life sad.

Linux, Apache, MySQL, and plenty else is open source - and it's all good stuff.

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