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What is on me?

someone who looks themselves up on Urban Dictionary

1. ME.

2. Me, Myself and I

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on me - video

On me - what is it?

Plural of 'me'

When all the other mes from parallel universes meet in one place, we'll have a 'me'-party.
I'll have to count how many 'mes' there are.

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What does "on me" mean?

What you scream when a soccer skin or a default or a John wick run up on you with a pump


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On me - what does it mean?

People who only care about themselves when driving and don't care if they cause an accident.


Damn me mes!

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On me - meaning

When a person over 50 years old trying to say meme but it comes out as me me.

Dad:hey son have you seen this me me of that cat that's always angry

Son: I'm going to kill myself

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On me - definition

1)Extremely egoist yell
2)The cry of a human-ape hybrid
3)Someone who doesn't care about you

Wizard: Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!
Princess: Me too!
Human: Wtf?

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On me - slang

A Japanese electronic music video that is messed-up, has lots of bouncing boobs, ass, and tits. What happens when you do drugs in Japan.

Me!Me!Me! is hard to understand due to its visual metaphors.

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On me

Someone who's very selfish! They can't take anyone else's feelings in to acount as they are not aware other people have feelings!

Girl 1: Not everythings bout you, ya know
Girl 2: Of course it is, otherwise whats the point taking bout it.
Girl 1: Your so me me me me me!
Girl 2: Point?

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On me

irish slang for having something with you at the present time

the term is adapted from the literal translation of "i have" in irish
for Example I have a cat in irish (Ta Cat Agam)would literal translate as I have a cat at me. although to say Im Happy (or any other emotion) translates as I have happy on me

Sorry Mate, I dont have a spare fiver on me

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On me

In my opinion; from my point of view.

I'm telling you....

On me, if you don't give me what I want, I'll be mad.

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