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What is old bag?

The Old-England Tea Bag is when you urinate on your S/O's face then proceed to take a dump into her mouth.

Dude 1: I gave my wife the Old-England Tea bag this morning.
Dude 2: Wow! How'd she take it?
Dude 1: She filed for a divorce this morning.

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Old bag - what is it?

To deliver several devistating blows to the crotch and groin region to cause great pain. Usually a male gender is on the recieving end.

If That guy does'nt stop screwing my wife I'm gonna give him an old fashioned bag rolling!

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What does "old bag" mean?

Used for an old woman who has bags on her bags, rolls on her rolls and wrinkles on her wrinkles.

*old woman* You want some of this?
*guy 1* No, you old hag!
*guy 1* Dude, did you see that?
*guy 2* yeah you got hit on by that fat old bag of sag.

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Old bag - what does it mean?

An ancient bag of rusted RAM sticks, bordering on archeological relics. Comprised primarily of RAM sticks with a capacity no greater than 2MB each. Usually found in the secret closed-off computer room at the back of your high school library.

"Crap, I tried to OC and now my RAM is fried. Let's take a trip to thelibrary to get some from ye olde bag of RAM"

"You could get an extra 4 MB out of ye olde bag of RAM."

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Old bag - meaning

A skinny old person. Usually used as a derogatory term.

(While walking through an old, abandoned house)

Mark- "Dude there is garbage everywhere"

Sheiswan- "I know, the old bag of bones that owned this place didn't know how to throw anything away"

Mark- "Look, an old yo-gurt cup. Its 'Fruit on the bottom"

Sheiswan- "I hate fruit on the bottom of yo-gurt. Mix that shit up"

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Old bag - definition

Somebody who is generally unpleasant to be around. Usually cranky, negative, extremly opinionated and basically a total bore.

I am not inviting Barbara to my party! She is such an old bag of gas


Get off my front porch you old bag of gas!


Abby got an F on her test. What an old bag of gas

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Old bag - slang

Ugly old lady

You are an old bag, with old bag titties.

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Old bag

There's no bag like an old bag, there's no bag I know...

Every hot young babe eventually in time becomes an old bag.

Most old bags belong to the bitchin' and moanin' (B&M) club.

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Old bag

grumpy old bat who doesnt do anything for anyone

Mrs keen, jeez your an old bag!

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Old bag

A haggard, perpetually grumpy, good for nothing elderly woman.

Gertrude: "So Frank, did you hear about Walt's little doctor's visit? Seems the rectal examination made him a little bit squeamish. Let me tell you..."
Walt: "For Christ's sake! Shut up, you old bag, and grab me a cold one!"

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