Definder - what does the word mean?

What is offended?

1. A page on ED to show your elderly grandmother.
2. The state in which everyone seems to be in.

1. Hey Grandma, come look at this webpage, Offended!
2. I was offended.

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Offended - what is it?

The bonus boss of the Internet. If you've defeated the Pain series page on Encyclopedia Dramatica, this next one is for you!!

I have conquered the Offended page several times now! Prove you're badass too, go there now!

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Video meme

What does "offended" mean?

An annoying trend among basic middle aged woman. Often used without knowing why.

Zack West was so offended that he was offended about being offended.

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Offended - what does it mean?

The WORST Encyclopedia Dramatica page. Ever. Period. End of discussion.

Dude, I went to Encyclopedia Dramatica last night and saw the Offended page. I don't think I can eat ever again...

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Offended - meaning

a page an ed cool people go to

cool guy 1:blah blah
cool guy 2:blah offended lah

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Offended - definition

Disagreeing with you.

"false statement>"
"That statement is demonstrably false."
"You're offended."

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Offended - slang

Strong indicator that you are dealing with an idiot. Pathetic people often use "I am offended" to gain power over others in conversations; with the intent that the other person will cower to them in order to make them feel not offended. However, the correct response to "offended" people is to thank them for confirming that they are an idiot, and move on.

Person A: I am offended by that remark.
Person B: Yes, I see that.

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The perpetual state of all white liberals.

The perceived perpetual state of everyone else except straight, white, Christian males, as projected by all white liberals.

Everything offends white liberals. They are offended by calling a bum a bum, a fag a fag, a bull dyke a bull dyke, a garbage dump a garbage dump, a blind guy a blind guy, and a spade a spade. White liberals learn to be offended by everything in public schools. The teachers there say, "Oh, we must never call a blind guy a blind guy. We must say visually challenged."

The white liberal soccer mom was highly offended when I said I was going to a meeting of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. "Oh, you must never say 'colored people,' she said in a huff. You must say "persons of color.' The correct name of that organization is the National Association for the Advancement of Persons of Color. The NAAPC.'"

Then the white liberal soccer mom was highly offended when I told her that the next time she rides a horse, she will only need half a saddle.

Never call a landfill a garbage dump, say the white liberals. That will offend the refuse collectors.

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To be offended. An evil state of mind that causes censorship, kills freedom of speech, destroys urban dictionary definitions (via the remove button), and ruins video games as well as many other things.

People who are able to by "offended" by anything are the worst people on earth. Keep an open mind about things and live and let live. Don't ruin things for other people just because you can't take it. Not everything is pleasent in this world and if you can't take it then you need to grow up.

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most awful page on encyoclopedia dramatica. 'nuff said.

Just sickening and wrong. Worse than actual ofennding or being offended

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