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What is obnoxion?

A word created by Moriah Elizabeth from YouTube.

What utter obnoxion.

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Obnoxion - what is it?

My favorite word, invented by YouTuber Moriah Elizabeth. According to her, it id the word we will all stan. To my understanding it means obnoxiously obnoxious

"The colors are not in rainbow order. It's pure OBNOXION."

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What does "obnoxion" mean?

denoting action or condition. Think Obnoxious, but in a state of obnoxion.

There is a fine line between just bright colours and straight obnoxion.

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Obnoxion - what does it mean?

Obnoxion is a word made by Moriah Elizabeth in one of her youtube videos and means that something is obnoxious.

Crooked eye Marie is obnoxion.

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Obnoxion - meaning

something extremely unpleasant.

it looks like obnoxion

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