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What is nut juice?

What real wiggas spray

Damn papi give me sum wigga nut juice! Hey Jennifer

Hi Olivia

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Nut juice - what is it?

Sticky nut flavored paste normally put in samiches along with jelly.

This is a gud sticky nut juice sammich.

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What does "nut juice" mean?

Testicles that are stimulated and massaged to the point of ejaculation.

My girl gave me a nut juicing last night that blew my load across the room.

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Nut juice - what does it mean?

The proper and healthier alternative for "Almond Milk"

Tyrone: Its called almond milk cause no one can say nut juice with a straight face
Daniel Day Lewis: Nut Juice*says nut juice with the most straight and serious face*
Tyrone: *Chugs Nut Juice*
Daniel Day Lewis: *Chugs In Unison*

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Nut juice

Nut Juice is made for payback, you need a drunk asshole to drink a glass of vodka,scotchwiskey, hot sauce, blackcherry soda, apple cranberry juice and the best part.....take your hand and rub it all over ur sweaty balls and take your hand and mix the drink. bring the drink to the drunken asshole and watch he/she drink it, when he/she finishes the drink ask the ass how they like ur Nut Juice.

i made nut juice for my friend and he said "i like it"

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Nut juice

A new flavour by Dairy Queen!

Hmm, I'm really diggin' this nut juice!

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Nut juice

During anal, the man pulls out and grabs a cup in which he ejaculates into, blends it up. This can be mixed with fruits or veggies and such and once all added the woman drinks it and the business of the two parties proceed

"Hey me and ReQuan got pretty freaky last night" "Oh yeah did she get some good healthy Nut Juice?"

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Nut juice

juice or juices released by a man's testicles by going above the rim and with authority, placing the ball in the net only to the dismay of the opponent who is between your legs helplessly getting a faceful of it.

kobe bryant sprays nut juice on dwight howard. its on youtube.

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Nut juice

Male ejaculation; semen.

My girl was performing oral, and I released my nut juice.

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Nut juice

-"The actual name for almond milk, it's just no one can say nut juice with a straight face".

"Hey man Im gonna start drinking nut juice more often"

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