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What is nursing home?

A fart that is so nasty and vile that it makes a room smell like a nursing home. Consider the room or area permanently tainted with a rotten stink smell.

Major construction is required after the fart to reuse the area, including ripping out carpets and sub-floors, and walls and sheet-rock.

Bio-hazards suits are needed to clean-up, and Center for Disease Control needs to be notified.

Rudi cruised over to Sampson's house for Monday night football. He had been eating bratwurst all day, and drinking Schmidt Ice. He didn't feel well at all and something was brewing deep in his stomach.

He ripped a huge fart during half-time - big mistake. It turned out to be a nursing home fart and completely wrecked Rudi's house.

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nursing home - video

Nursing home - what is it?

A prison-like place where old people are sent to get ass-raped.

Mac: Lots of shady shit goes down in nursing homes Frank, okay? These places are like prisons.

Frank: Like people getting ass-raped?

Charlie: What? Oh my god, dude.

Mac: No, not like people getting ass-raped. People don't want to be here because they feel like-

Frank: Because they're getting ass-raped.

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What does "nursing home" mean?

1.) probably the worse place on the planet to ever work at, that is if you are a c.n.a. it is run by the r.n. and those godawful l.p.n.'s who think they are so intelligent because they pass oral meds all day long.2.) A place where you will come home with shit on your uniform because some nasty ass son of a bitch decided to shit on you 3.)also employs many street niggers who think they are the 'shit' and act as if they own the place. On top of that, they hate any white employee who actually has a future and didn't get knocked up at 13. 4.) A godforsaken hellhole 5.) A place where not one c.n.a. can be found, because those worthless employees flee the scene in a moment's notice in order to get their 3-hr cigarette break.

If you just got your c.n.a. license, don't ever work at a nursing home, unless you want to be disrespected 24/7 by the worthless nurses who are not capable of working anywhere else.

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Nursing home - what does it mean?

a roadblock between a quick and painless death

When I get old and can barely take care of myself, Im not going into a nursing home. If I die from falling, O well! At least I didnt spend my last years around a bunch of control freak nurses telling me what to do all day, with a crappy dorm room full of medical shit, and eating in this crappy cafeteria eating mush.

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Nursing home - meaning

A stinky shit hole, that has food that looks like nasty runny dog shit! The hole place is full of DISEASES!

Nursing Home: A place where old people like to shit their pants for you to clean up!

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Nursing home - definition

America's number 1 growing place of mexican employment

Yo dude's U can pick more pockets in a nursing home than on the streets of Los Angles.

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Nursing home - slang

A place where sick old people are ground up and made into hot dog meat.

"Grampa, if you don't shut your mouth, we're going to send you to the nursing home."

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Nursing home

A place where the elderly have to have their butts wiped everyday by some poor CNA and where they listen to lame background music while playing bingo on "activity day."

When my mom gets old enough, Im putting her in a nursing home, fo sho!!!

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Nursing home

A place where there are no toilets, becuase everyone craps in their pants. Also, one of the funniest places to set off a fire alarm.

Grandson: "Dad, what's that smell."
Father: "I think grandpa crapped in his pants again."
Grandson: "Let's send him to a nursing home."
Grandpa: "I'm old."

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Nursing home

a place where people go to die

Bill: I am about to die so I paid $10,000 to live in a nursing home.
Nils: You Special Special boy!

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