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What is not yet?

Nickname given to individuals from areas commonly referred to as "the sticks" like Iowa or Kansas. These individuals often use the word yet as a filler word similar to "umm" or "uhh", but in an improper manner which is not related to time or tenses.

Zane and Mark yet are going yet to get pizza yet.

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Not yet - what is it?

redneck word meaning huge perky tits

god damn, troy did you see them yets?

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What does "not yet" mean?

To be still alive, most often used when someone is ment to be dead, but still lives on. also used with the case of someone whom has had someone try to kill them, and yet, still lives. Could be used with the instance of if he is going to die, and you are just waiting for him to die.

someone killing someone

"You shot him right?"
"and he is not dead yet?"

waiting for you to die

"You shot him in the chest?"
"its been 6 hours, and he is STILL NOT DEAD YET??????"

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Not yet - what does it mean?

When you were ready to Yeet up until a moment of change or revelation, but now must exclaim nevertheless.

Sid:"I’m down for vino. I was thinking of hitting up Rocco (wine bar?)"

Eliza: "Am at home and too poor for Rocco tonight :(...But I did just buy cheap wine and have my comrades around... ;)"


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Not yet

Yay + bet = yet

Friend 1: Jenny doesn’t think I’m cheating w u anymore, so down for tonight?

Side hoe: yet!

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Not yet

A word that describes that something hasn't happened, but will soon happen.

McCall hates the word yet.

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Not yet

the word "yet" is a word that can change your life!

Boy:do u have a boyfriend?"
Girl:"Not Yet"

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Not yet

One of the earliest recorded instances of talking shit in American history, uttered by the father of shit talking, the legendary John Paul Jones. Would roughly translate to "Nigga I ain't even been tryin" today.

Tyrone you a bitch, I'm up 17-6, check.
I have not yet begun to fight!

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Not yet

Phrase used by New York metal band THE HEARKENING in their song "Developed in the Darkroom"

"The crowd went crazy when Stas Clockwise yelled 'NOT YET GRASSHOPPER'"

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Not yet

When someone says this, you know, that it will never happen... ever.

Child: Mom, can I play outside
Mom: Wait, not yet

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