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What is not sure?

A popular meme, often tagged using the squinty eyed pic of Futurama Fry. Used to check if something really is x or not, in a humorously stupid way.

Not sure if trolling
Or just stupid.

Not sure if wet
Or just period.

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not sure - video

Not sure - what is it?

When someone says surely, you know what's up.

Man 1: Oi
Man 2: what?
Man 1: Surely.
Man 2: Surely.

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What does "not sure" mean?

When used by a guy it means yes

When used by a girl, it means not really

Girl: You want to hang out after practice?
Guy: Sure.
Girl: Thats rude, so you don’t want to?
Boy: I just said I did want to.

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Not sure - what does it mean?


Pat: Do I look good in these jeans?
Gerald: Sure.

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Not sure - meaning

The WORST response to a "Yes" or "No" question.

The response you give when you don't 100% want to say "Yes" but also don't want to say "No". "Sure" is the answer you use when on the fence about something, but is not an acceptable response to Y/N questions.

Phil: Do you want to go to the movies?

Sarah: Sure

Phil: (pause) Is that a "Yes" or "No"?

Sarah: Sure, I will go to the movies.

Phil: But I asked if you WANTED to go to the movies.

Sarah: And I said sure.

Phil: (leaves)

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Not sure - definition

The state of being more than simply "for sure." Invented in Calgary, the saying is used as a reply to a question when someone is certain about something; when they are 100% positive about it.

"Hey are you going to Ashley's party tonight?"
"I'll be there, for sure for sure!"

"Are you sure that's the correct answer?"
"For sure for sure"

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Not sure - slang

when you are just saying sure so that the other person hangs up

yes sir sure sure sure!

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Not sure

Basically mean Okay. I get it. STFU.
Also, used as "whatever" at teachers or boring conversations.

Math teacher: Anyone got it?
Kid: Sure, sure. *Got back to desk, Listens to iPod, forgetting the work*

Girlfriend: ZOMG! Did you just saw him with her? I cannot believe his with her already just right after our broke up! Blablablblablblaaa
Me: Sure, sure.
Girlfriend: Are. You. Even. Listening.
Me: ...

Boy: I love you.
Girl: Sure, sure.

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Not sure

something that people use when trying to imitate Irish people, but they look/sound like an eejit as nobody in Ireland uses it...

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Not sure

A term used by someone to sarcastically disagree with another parties claim.

Guy1: I just dropped a 20 bomb
Guy2: Sure Sure
Guy1: Even ask my dad, oh wait I forgot to mention jazza the champasaurus has a massive cock

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