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What is not hot?

1. A song made famous by Von Iva.
2. When a girl isn't willing or ready to have sex.

Bill : "So how's it goin with yr girl, Jeff?"

Jeff : "She's not hot to trot yet."

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Not hot - what is it?

A term many people know and means that the man who is being asked by his girlfriend to take off his jacket and is refusing by saying mans not hot.

She said"Babes take of your jacket" I said"Babes mans not hot"

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What does "not hot" mean?

When a young boy doesn't have weed on him.

Britney: yo dude you got weed?
Tyrone: nah sonny, mans not hot.

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Not hot - what does it mean?

It means that someone is infamous, similar to irrelevant

JME: They only want to bred man's skin after man's got hot. (<-> man's not hot)

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Not hot

Big Shaq. The one and only. Mans Not Hot. mans can never be hot. The ting goes Skkkkkkrrrrraaaaaaa pot pot ka ka ka. skidi kit pot pot. and a pur pur purrr boom a saying( used by Big Shaq ) that means that a mans not hot, a man can never be hot, and that the man isn't hot.

Person #1: Take off your jacket

Person #2 (big shaq : Babe, mans not hot

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Not hot

A famous rap song from Big Shaq, the greatest mathematician ever.

“Girl said take off your jacket, I said Man’s not hot” - Big Shaq

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Not hot

A popular meme in which a rapper is not overheated while in a very fluffy jacket

"Take your jacket off" (insert Lenny face here)


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Not hot

This is a common phrase used by London Roadmen to describe how they are overheated while wearing a heavy duty North Face puffer jacket during warm outdoor temperatures and/or indoors (clubs, pubs, etc.)

Girl: Take off that jacket fam, it's like 37 Degrees on the block

Roadmen: Babes, Mans not hot. Man can never hot. It's a perspiration ting.

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Not hot

When babes wants you to take off you're jacket, but you say, manz not hot

Would you like to take off you're jacket, you say, Manz not hot

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Not hot

You say when you think someone is not good looking or hot. Often used in situations where one does not want to have sex because the person is ugly. To make one run away and cry

1. One says Hey. You then reply with 'Not Hot' to make this person feel down and emo.

2. A couple are about to have sex. The male/female then says Not Hot to suggest they do not want to engage in erotic activities.

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