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What is no man?

The sweaty gap in between your sack and crack.

Otherwise known as a gooch.

"My no-mans-land stinks"

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No man - what is it?

In WWI, the 100 yards or so between the trenches of each side was littered with dead bodies. Anyone who enterd here would stand a high chance of getting shot by either side.

No man's land was an area where people were sure to get shot to death.

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What does "no man" mean?

1.A field of mines

2.The tampon isle

1.In Nam it was like a huge no mans land.

2.No way im goin in the no mans land for a box of pads

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No man - what does it mean?

A game that was hyped way too much, then on release it was a huge fucking disappointment.

"Did you hear about that game No Man's Sky?"
"Yeah. The game is a huge lie. I wasted my money on this shit."

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No man

British slang

1) The area between two opposing forces' trenches during WW1. Characterised by a quagmire of saturated soil, crater holes, barbed wire, unexploded shells, quicksoil and rotting bodies. The last place on Earth you'd want to be in the period between 1914-1918, or for some time afterwards I'd imagine...

2) The area between your ballsack and your arsehole.

"Sgt. Harris was caught out in No-Mans-Land yesterday during a patrol. He's been pronounced Missing in Action... But I think we all know what really happened to him..."

"I love scratchin' mi' No Man's Land, *guffaw guffaw.*"

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No man

The center lane in a street or highway where vehicles going in either direction can use this lane only to make left hand turns.

There was a head-on collision in the no-man's-lane of Route 63.

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No man

A video game released by Hello Games in 2016. Despite the hype that took this indie game to a AAA title, at the time of its release, many features it was said to have were missing and it was rampant with glitches.
However, in the ultimate act of putting people before profits, the NMS team released many bug fixes and has since delivered many of the features it was missing, and added even more which were never mentioned before its release, even introducing virtual reality support on PC and PS4. Unlike many game studios, Hello Games never charged for any of the new content and or VR support. Thus, No Man's Sky may be one of the best video games of our time, and is certainly a leader in how to continue a game if it doesn't live up to expectations.

"I played No Man's Sky all day!"

"I preordered No Man's Sky and was so disappointed after first, but they updated their game and now it's great."

Bob: "No Man's Sky is fire."
John: "Yeah, a dumpster fire."
Bob: "Nah man, they fixed the problems and now it's been engoodened."
John: "Aw man, I wish Bethesda would do the same thing..."

"It'd be great if Skyrim did a No Man's Sky and fixed their bugs."

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No man

The shitty moment when a male gets caught between cumming and edging while masturbating. It is extremely unpleasant and frustrating. You can't go again for the full sploosh and the semi orgasm is shit.

I was jerking off last night and got caught in no man's land, it sucked.

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No man

Someone who is not even worthy of being called a wasteman

John: "Bradley you are such a no-man!"
Bill: "Yeeeeeahhh G"

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No man


1-No man understand why, Dracula has stayed no man, still in film & WB or its cartoons?!
2- - I ask you, midge, leave me at all, of the idea of Madeleine, she is an old cat, nope: She is repeated & ugly & her house is a no man home, to be catching guests through it!!!

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