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What is no cap?

No cap usually refers to the phrase "no lie"

Person one: You really like her
Person two: No cap I'mma ask her out tomorrow!

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No cap - what is it?

means that you’re not lying and are being serious. originated from the twitch emote Kapp and non twitch users started using it as “Cap” after hearing twitch users started saying it in public.

“I won’t leave after we smash no cap
You cappin’ thinkin’ you gonna graduate elementary.”

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What does "no cap" mean?

No Lie , On god, a form of telling the truth when someone doesnt believe you

Cristian: Regan no cap you look fine asf
Regan: awww marry me

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No cap - what does it mean?

Taken from the popular phrase/emote "Kappa" which means you're joking. Was later shortened to "Cap" outside of Twitch with the phrase being picked up and popularized by influencers.

Concert was great, no cap.

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No cap

It means usually, “for real”, “On God” , “No Flex”. Basically, it is to describe something of exponential magnitude to a person. Normally used to describe jewelry that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, a new rarri you bought off the lot, or something you can obtain with ease and if isn’t nothing to someone like you.

Joey: Damn check the wrist, it’s flooded with VVS diamonds all around rose gold ya feel me.
Simpleton: Damn Joey, you’re a Drip God, no cap!

Tekashi 69: I let my nuts hang...right.
Charlemagne Da God: no cap, I bet you do!
Pusha T: Drake got a bastard son, by a butter face trying to hide him.
Drake: It was “God’s Plan”, no cap!

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No cap

meaning "no lie," it is a misspelling of "no Kapp," where Kapp is a FFZ emote on Twitch.Tv, a sliced picture of the emote Kappa, which is used like "suuuuuuure," so "no Kapp" means no lie

guy1: aye bruh u lyin
guy2: it really happened no cap

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No cap

Slang To not lie or to be telling the truth.

Bro like no cap she fine af. Or nah bro you capping she ugly af.

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No cap

No lie, On God, a definition of telling the truth. Basically no flex.

J: I No cap think that bitch get around bruh
LEVI: Word

Danique: This engagement ring a real deal?

Kentavious: NO mfkn CAP bro!

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No cap

Usually means No lie. Someone usually uses this after saying an unbelievable statement or asking a serious question.

Kayla: How do I look?
Brianna: No cap, you look a mess.

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No cap

No cap basically mean that their not lying or capping like they did something.
Sometimes ppl write it like this🙅🏽 ♀️🧢or 🚫🧢 different ways

That food was good no cap
I hit that bit no cap

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