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What is no butter?

Person: Leopold "Butters" Stotch

Butters is in class with Stan, Cartman, and Kenny. When Kenny died for good in season five, Butters became their new best friend. Unfortunatly when his use as a friend didn't meet up to their standards, Butters gets fired as the new best friend, and loses his mind creating Professor Chaos. ....definition is from

Notable quote: "When I go walkin down the street they go 'Hey, there's chinballs!'".

You're a FREAK Butters! You can't play with us!"

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no butter - video

No butter - what is it?

(v.) sexual interactions in a greasy place that might involve a pool table or other arcade equipment

Scott and Maddy were buttering in the buttery on the pool table.

Scott and Maddy like to butter after their friends have left.

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What does "no butter" mean?


Don't fancy yours much! She's well butters!

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No butter - what does it mean?

A sweet little boy from South Park. Hes so stupid and cute and dont ya just wanna hug him?

"Well thats ok. Id rather be a crying pussy than a faggy goth."

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No butter - meaning

This means 'ugly' when used to describe a person. I think it comes from 'butterface', as in 'nice body, but her face...'

"She is well butters"

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No butter - definition

Easy and smooth. When you know something is going to go exactly the way you want and plan.

"Oh word, we got a 2hr delay for school today, hell yea that's butter"

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No butter - slang

The term "Butter It" can be used to replace any verb.

It is Traditionally used by people from the hick style background.

"John and Suzy-Q are hanging out later, what do you think they're going to be doing?"

"John said he wanted to Butter It."


"We were in class, and instead of listening Matt and I just Buttered it the whole time."

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No butter

It's the opposite of a roast. While people in a roasting event would gather up to make fun of a single person, a buttering event has people gather up to adore, praise, and talk good about that person. Sometimes, it's extended to include everyone, so that each person has a chance to receive a variety of compliments. You can't talk bad about someone at a buttering event. The worst you can get to talking bad about someone is constructive criticism, guidence, and maybe a compliment sandwhich.

Coworker 1: Hey. Have you heard that the Coolerman and The Boss were feeling sad lately

Coworker 2: Yeah. They were feeling underappreciated, lonely, and unconfident.

Coworker 3: I have an idea! Let's have a buttering.

Coworker 1 and Coworker 2: That's a great idea!

Coworker 1: That way, they would feel more appreciated.

Coworker 2: A buttering event sounds perfect!

* later that day.

All: Surprise!!!

Coolerman and The Boss: This is so unexpected!

Coworker 7: Coolman is so awesome, he helped me with some paperwork

Coworker 5: The Boss is so cool, he gave me a day off when I was feeling sick.

Coworker 8: Coolman is so fantastic, he helped organize my daughter's birthday party.

Coworker 9: The Boss and Coolman are so cool, they're indestructable!

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No butter

1. A mixture of "I dare you" and "You're full of shit" native to the Garlic City
2. A challenge issued wherein the subject must complete a task they threw out sarcastically. If they do not finish the task, they risk being punched.
3. Something your asshole friend says when they know you're joking, want to see you fail miserably and want to hit you for it.

A: Yeah, right, I'll totally ask that chick out.

B: No butter, dude. You have to do it.

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No butter

an expression you say when somebody says they're going to do something. if they don't do it, you get to hit them

A:I'm going to make a sandwich!
A:*Doesn't make sandwich*
B:*Hits A*

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