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What is no ass?

1. A word used to describe something extremely annoying or frustrating.

2. The quantity or quality of buttocks in a given situation or area.

1. If I had to describe this game's assness, I just have to say: It's very ass!

2. I was at a "gentlemen's club" yesterday, and the assness was extrordinary.

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No ass - what is it?

The final phase of using the suffix "-ass" when insulting someone.

Look at that stupid-ass, dumb-ass, gay-ass, ass-ass mothafucka!

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What does "no ass" mean?

The sex act performed in "Requiem for a Dream" but now commonly referenced when one's employer demands of you a seemingly meaningless yet excessively time consuming task

Friend: What did you do at work today?
Lowly Summer Analyst: Ass to ass!!

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No ass - what does it mean?

When two people split a Chicago Polish Sausage.

Chicagoan 1: "Hey man, I'm not going to eat all this Polish. You want to go Ass to Ass?"

Chicagoan 2: "Hells Yes!" "Cut it up"

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No ass - meaning

A difficult phrase to say with a serious facial expression, as seen in the film Requiem for a Dream.

ASS TO... phhb oh jeez dude, I am so high right now.

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No ass - definition

Originally from the movie Requiem for a Dream. It refers to a movie that is almost painful to watch from start to end, but the final or penultimate scene which is typically obscene and far fetched, makes up for the whole movie.

Eh, I'd say save your money but that ending is all "Ass to Ass."

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No ass - slang

n. An occasion where you must do something unpleasant in order to obtain something you need. Named after Jennifer Connelly in 'Requiem for a Dream', because sometimes you need to hustle for your fix.

A: I wanted to score some weed for tonight, so I had to have dinner with my sister's gross roommate.

B: Wow, you really went ass to ass tonight.

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No ass

Inspired by the movie Requiem for a Dream, ass to ass is a sexual position where each partner simultaneously insert a double-dildo into his/her anus. Each partner is then penetrated to adquate length of the double-dildo so that they become "ass to ass."

Two heroine addicted prostitutes insert a double-dildo into her anus while a crowd of men cheer them on and a mysterious man named Uncle Hank yells, "Ass to ass!".
-Requiem for a Dream

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No ass

Originally coined by the ever-excitable Uncle 'Ass-to-Ass' Hank in the movie Requiem For a Dream upon seeing two naked girls insert a large dildo in their rectums and then 'push it real good', the usage of this phrase soon became so widespread that it became a universal reply to any question, situation or insult.

Would would you like for breakfast?


Where shall we go on holiday this year?


What should we do if the stairwell catches fire?


You are such a dick, Mr Murphey.


I hear that penuts are extinct in certain mountainous areas of Paraguay.


You're acting like a certain child who was here recently.


I'm gonna pwn you, n00b.


Surely that's enough, now.


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No ass

When someone with tourettes has an ass-twitch

Tourettes Guy: ASS ASS ASS

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