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What is ninth circle of hell?

An extremely rare situation which you're the only single person hanging out with a group of 4 couples. Although rare, if this doesn't convince you to get a girlfriend/boyfriend, I don't know what will.

Guy 1: Hey do you want to come hang out with me, Guy 2, Guy 3, and Guy 4? By the way our girlfriends are gonna be there too

You: No thanks man, I don't wanna be a ninth wheel.

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Ninth circle of hell - what is it?

While many composers have composed a ninth symphony, when someone says they are going to go listen to "the ninth", it refers unanimously to Beethoven's Symphony No.9, Op.125 "Choral".

Dvorak's "From the New World" is a really good symphony.

Bah, The Ninth is better.

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What does "ninth circle of hell" mean?

The phrase that the word hella is the contraction of. Hell of means the same thing as hella, but it conveys more emphasis. It is always the most stressed word in the sentence.

It's hell of fucked up that his mom died.

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Ninth circle of hell - what does it mean?

1. Originated in Oakland in the mid-70s.
2. Original pronunciation of "hella".
3. Was funny because it confused people.
4. First used in a movie: E.T. (1982). Boy looks in fridge and mumbles to himself, "nothin' but hella shit in here."
5. Kids began to say "heck of" to keep from getting in trouble w/ parents.
6. Phrase was never "hell of a."

"It's hell of bad"
"That's hell of jive"

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Ninth circle of hell

1st Circle: Unbaptized people and pagans
2nd Circle: Those who are overcome with lust/the need to have sex 24/7/365
3rd Circle: Gluttons/people who eat 24/7/365
4th Circle: Those who spend a shit load of money on shit they don't need
5th Circle: The ones consumed with rage fight on the surface of the River Styx (greek mythology) and the slothful/ones who are lazy lie beneath the water
6th Circle: Heretics
7th Circle: The violent; the 7th Circle has 3 inner Circles
The Outermost Circle: Those who are violent against property and inanimate objects
The Middle Circle: Suicides
The Innermost Circle: Those who are violent against God, nature, and/or art
8th Circle: Frauds (seducers, flatterers, those who exchange money for spiritual goods, sorcerers/false prophets, corrupt politicians, hypocrites, thieves, sowers of discord, etc.)
9th Circle: Those who betray one who is close to them (i.e. a close/best friend, a relative, a lover)

Which of the 9 Circles of Hell are you going to be in, Bob?
Idk, Bill...probably the 2nd.

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Ninth circle of hell

a guy from new zealand. an irc elite who rolls everyone a joint.


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Ninth circle of hell

One of the circles of hell from Dante's Divine Comedy. It is the circle where the greedy and the materialistic spend eternity. Working in any corporation is like being in the forth circle of hell.

I work for a fortune 500 company with a bunch of greedy assholes who drive BMW's and talk about reality TV. It is like being in the forth circle of hell.

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Ninth circle of hell

First Circle : Limbo

Limbo are Pagans, and non Christians that did not sin.

Second Circle : Lust

People who are overcome by Lust.

Third Circle : Gluttony

People who cannot stop eating.

Fourth Circle : Avarice or Greed

Those who waste their life either collecting/hoarding money, or constantly spending money.

Fifth Circle : Wrath or Sloth

Wrathful are people who are constantly angry, and slothful are people who are constantly lazy.

Sixth Circle : Heresy

a person who holds religious beliefs in conflict with the dogma of the church.

Seventh Circle : Violence

Separated into three parts. 1 : Violence against another person. 2 : Violence against ones self. And 3 : Violence against god. This circle hosts the violent people of the world.

Eighth Circle : Fraud

Those who commit fraud. There are nine types of this, each with a different punishment.

Ninth Circle : Treason

This circle is for those who betrayed others.

Examples for each of the 9 Circles Of Hell.

Circle 1 : He was a Pagan, so he was considered Limbo for not accepting Christ, thus landing him in Circle 1

Circle 2 : His lust for another woman was too strong, and he committed Adultery, thus landing him in Circle 2

Circle 3 : He could never stop eating, the damn Glutton, thus landing him in Circle 3.

Circle 4 : All he did was hoard his dollars, thus landing him in Circle 4.

Circle 5 : The bastard was so lazy in life. He never did a day of work, thus landing him in Circle 5.

Circle 6 : He was a heretic. Never believing in god. Thus landing him in Circle 6.

Circle 7 : Poor bastard committed suicide, thus landing himself in Circle 7.

Circle 8 : He stole for everything he had, thus landing him in Circle 8.

Circle 9 : He betrayed his best friend, getting him killed, thus landing himself in Circle 9.

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Ninth circle of hell

The deepest most vile part of Hell. Where Hell has literally frozen over trapping the dead souls in a frozen lake. From the book Dante's Inferno.

The ninth circle of Hell is were the devil himself lives.

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Ninth circle of hell

The other name for the FriendZone.

Awesome, Sweet guy: (To Girl) You know, we'd make a great couple... Will you go out with me?

Girl: No! You're like a Brother to me! My best friend! I don't wanna ruin our relationship!!

The Dude: ....

2nd dude: You've just been sent to the Ninth Circle Of Hell, man. I'm so sorry.

See Friendzone

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