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What is mystery?

Guy that usually walks around with his hands in his pockets. He is the owner of multiple v-necks he wears on a daily basis. He is boyishly good looking. There is also a high probability that he smokes cigarettes and plays guitar, but for some reason does not use his musical ability to draw women closer to him. You will more than likely spend your entire life wondering what made that person so interesting, even though you knew nothing about him.

girl in coffee house: Man..I wonder who that guy was who performing tonight..I tried to talk to him before he left but he was gone before I could get to him...what a mysterious character.

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Mystery - what is it?

A mysterial is a mystery brake pad material of unknown quality, origin, performance, degradation or composition offered by a brake pad manufacturer for which no fucks are given as they should be focusing on a reliable supply of their popular core product offering.

Today I received a phone call from a manufacturer offering a new mysterial when I can't even get a supply of the popular materials.

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What does "mystery" mean?

Is someone that no matter what would you do, you won't be able to understand them, or to get straight answers, he is the guy/girl who is friends with everyone, can talk to whom they want, but still shares no secrets, no pain, nothing with someone else than themselfs... he is the guy that walks with his hands in his pockets, looks arround once a while, doesnt talk much, probably smokes, and have more than one talent, but doesnt use it to draw other's attention..

-Did you read that poem? its dark and cheerful.
-Well you can never know what *Name* thinks about he is Mysterious

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Mystery - what does it mean?

From Invader Zim, Mysterious Mysteries is the show that Dib watches constantly.

Dib: Mysterious Mysteries is on!
Gaz: Why do you have a head?


Dib: i finally got pictures of Zim without his disguise, Im sending them to Mysterious Mysteries and then the whole world will know the truth!

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Mystery - meaning

a person who thinks radeon video cards are good

OMG he such a mystery

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Mystery - definition

mother bashing newbie

it's a mystery that he didnt knock his mother the fuck out

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Mystery - slang

a person with an infinite sized penius.
Also Refereed to as God.
Derived from the latin expression: Humongo-penius-man

Mystery is better than CARMACK!!111

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A person with a good heart.
Always wanting to give back to the community.
Never thinking about himself.
One of the best australian/international cs players around.

omg heaton is nothing compared to mystery.

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certain type of cult activity in ancient greek, it was well guarded secret, cult members committed rituals and drank several drinks (wine),and likely mushroom and plant extracts like junkies nowadays and they saw interesting hallucinations about their god dionysos.

Dionysos mystery and demeter mystery were kept in secret. Who broke the silence oath, had to die.

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1) An object of romantic or sexual interest. Doesn't need to be only a hard-to-reach attraction--can also be a boyfriend/girlfriend. Usually, a mystery is a boy when referred to in a group of girls.
2) A euphemism for just about anything.

1) Girl 1: How's your mystery, love?
Girl 2: Oh, just spiffy. We were mackin' yesterday.
Girl 1: I'm totally jellin'... I wish I had a mystery.

2) Oh, fuck! I just stepped in some mystery!

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