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What is my everything?

Jake is the best person you will ever meet your life could be at rock bottom and you could be ready to end it all but as soon as a jake walks into your life he won’t leave you or hurt you, He will actually be the best person in your life. A jake is the type of person who hates themself more than ANYBODY in the world but nobody understands why they hate themself because they are so incredibly sweet(when they want to be), loving, amazing , I will admit a bit clingy but watch out don’t piss a jake off unless you want to get bit!

A:"Who is that HOTTY over there?"

B:"That's Jake!"

kind truthful hot cute Jake my everything and my baby

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My everything - what is it?

what it means??? I love you with all my everything.

I love you with all my everything.

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What does "my everything" mean?

An extremely gay homosexual group of men that all play instruments equally bad. Spawning from the east bay, this musical group will probably not go anywhere. They also have a little, how would you say, bitch, that sucks there dicks when there lonely named Anthony.

guy one: shit did you see my unsaid everything play today, they sucked really bad.

guy two: Yeah and after Anthony was totally sucking them off. So gay!

Guy one: Yeah and then dom thought that he was hardcore, so he made out with anthony after.

guy two: Yeah and then I bought some dope off of Brad.

guy one: and yesterday alex mowed my lawn.

guy two: But mike and Mariano are cool.

guy one: yeah for sure.

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My everything - what does it mean?

when no matter what the person dose you will always be there for them. that if you lose them it will feel like such a big part of your life is gone. when a boy says "your my everything baby" they usally mean it.

boy: babe....

girl: yea??

boy: your my everything...

girl: really??

boy: yes i will do any thing to keep you and if i lost you my life wouldnt ever be the same.

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My everything - meaning

My everything is when you love someone and you will do anything for them you will stay with them you will be there's for ever ...

Your my everything I don't want to lose you 💔

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My everything - definition

My everything is the most amazing, breath takingly beautif,funny, sexy. Smart intelligent, classie, SOPHisticated woman you have ever set your eyes upon/my bestfriend,, my lover, my soulmate, my babies mum (to be), my supermodel,my pornstar, my fantasy girl, myone, my only,. MY EVERYTHING!!

someone that's all that you've ever searched for, wanted, dreamt of, constantly thinking about.

Sophie maree Clare= my everything/ 100% pure perfection

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My everything - slang

word that describes Bobby, he completes me and i could not live without him.

Bobby, you are my everything

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My everything

Something/one you can't live without.

My boyfriend is my everything and much more.

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