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What is my bed?

the phrase when you see a hot girl and you would let her have sex with you

tom: did you see that girl at that party
jimmy: yea, i think she would totally let me eat crackers on her bed
tom: (just staring at jim)
sentence for i would let you eat crackers on my bed

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My bed - what is it?

A quick comeback that works with virtually anything. It usually renders the opponent stressed, deluded and somewhat horny.

Person 1 "I raped your mum"
Person 2 "Naked in my bed with socks on"
Person 1 "Oh"
Person 2 *walks away like a boss*

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What does "my bed" mean?

It means when you don't care about nothing else but your family and your rest

Drake: "She said she love me, I said I lobe her partly, I only love my bed and my mama, sorry."

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My bed - what does it mean?

To miss the comfort and warmth of your own bed.

I really do miss the taste of my bed

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My bed

Usually referred to in gay terminology, whereas chicken would be a young teenage male, desired by a significantly older gentleman, to be in his bed for sexual satisfaction

Holy hell - I cant believe it, Joe who is in his 40s, got drunk last night and had 'chicken in my bed' with that 18 year old kid whose name starts with an M!!!!

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My bed

You make my day

You make my bed kourtney thanks for telling me.

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My bed

you sleep to much and you have to git up and watch jake paul

do you know what i need my bed?

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My bed

an exclamation of surprise or dismay following the delivery of important or significant news, as one would be surprised after shitting the bed

Guy #1: "Hey dude, we're going out to the club after the game."
Guy #2: "Well, shit my bed, that's gonna be a hell of a good time."

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My bed

When you want someone or something to leave

Bro you always type dumb shit on my Instagram pics get outta my bed

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My bed

My place where I sleep and have fun

I can’t live without my bed

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