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What is munchkin?

Appropriately, a small person or the characters on the movie Wizzard of Oz. The definition later crossed into relatives that come to your house and eat all of your snacks.

Hey, hey it's them, that munchkin Aunt Betty and Uncle Fred, walking up the driveway, hurry up and hide the chips , move the candy bowl, and close the pantry door !!

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Munchkin - what is it?

A short lovable person who enjoys tall people

You are my favorite and only Munchkin, so would you like to go out with me, because I am so tall?

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What does "munchkin" mean?

A donut hole, sold at Dunkin Donuts in boxes of twenty.

"Hand me a munchkin, I've got the munchies"

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Munchkin - what does it mean?

1. The female version of a blumpkin, wherein a female has her carpet munched while unloading a delightful dump

1. I was in the mood, but then she had to take a dump so I just gave her a munchkin.

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Munchkin - One who is expressive of a narrow moral attitude and is characterized by the quality or state of being righteous; holiness; purity; uprightness; rectitude. Munchkiness, proceeding from accepted standards of morality or justice, is also nearly equivalent to holiness, comprehending holy principles and affections of heart, and conformity of life to the divine law or consecration the divine.

"Will donates frequently to various charities, how very munchkin of him."

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powergamer who has no respect for role playing and other player

the munchkin shouts:my half dragon/goblni crusader knight can do 10 times teh damage then yoar gimppped elf!!!!!11 i no moer then you,so dood back off

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Synonym for wordpowergamer/word. Used most often derogatively.

Granted, he's munchkin... so why are you playing with him?

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1) Creepy things from the Wizard of Oz that are either really brightly colored and often bear candy or are seen hanging in the background, if you look carefully.

2) The best card game ever, along with Pimp: the Backhanding. Makes fun of number 3.

3) The most annoying roleplaeyers you'll ever have to deal with, who characteristicly max out their stats, mostly without reprecution, play to mindlessly kill anything in their paths and boss the rest of your players around, and get as many dots or levels as possible. Most don't really develope their characters' personalities.

a) My sidekick played the biggest munchkin in his highschool production of the Wiz. He had to go around, kneeling with clow shoes sewn onto the knees of his bight yellow overalls, and he still was half a head taller than most of the other munchkins.

b) I was playing a game of Munchkin the other day, and Frank, Jess and I all got to level nine and had to duke it out for the win. It was intense.

c) I swear, if _____ insists on making his new character another fraking munchkin, I'm going to be the ebil ST and either drop a celestial bouvine on him or force him to fight a fucking manticore within three games.

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Some one who is very small, not necassarily a child, just a small person. Generally used by people bigger than them.

Sometimes used as a title to some of these smaller people:

'Awwwww you're so cute, you little munchkin'
'Awwwww you're a munchkin and a half' (normally referred to a slightly taller munchkin/short person, therefore adding half a munchkin)

'You're the Munchkin of YAY!'

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An affectionate pet name used for one's girl friend and / or partner who is playfully mischievous and cheeky.

you are my munchkin

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