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What is much?

Used at the end of a sentence, as if to confirm something that you already know. Often used in a playfully disrespectful way. Can also be used in a similar way to adding 'not' to the end of a sentence.


A: (says insult)
B: (overeacts)
A: Wow, over reaction much (?)

A: What's 1+1?
B: Haha, Genius much (?)

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Much - what is it?

-“Not much”-
A sequence of words consisting of “Not” and “much” WARNING when combined they form a lethal injection to any conversation and stops it dead in its tracks leaving no survivors!

Will:”hey wyd
Mackey:”Not much”
Will:*jumps out of balcony*

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What does "much" mean?

an unconditional an infinite amount of love.
A word only reffering to the unconditional amount of love a person can feel.

Denny, I love you muches.

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Much - what does it mean?

Very similar

Do you like oranges or tangerines?

It’s much of a muchness I don’t mind.

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Much - meaning

Questions can be abbreviated to a single noun usually abstract followed by the word "much"

Vince buys a new car and rocks up to his friends place and says "Do you like my new wheels? "Jealous much?"

Vince: Dude, I just saw my ex girlfriend with another guy..
Dan: Ohhhh man! Awkward much?

Vince: Cigarette much?
Dan: Yeah man, im really keen for one.

Vince: What are you up to tonight? Work much?
Dan: Yeah man... Its pretty lame!

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Much - definition

The innocence and imagination that appears in the hearts of young children. As the children grow older, they become more mature, and gain responsibilities. They lose their muchness.

You used to be much more..."muchier." You've lost your muchness.

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Much - slang

much is the act munching of human toes. Formed in the act of muching - the first mucher pronounced munch with no n ultimately creating the world of much.

Person 1: 'Could you much me'
Person 2: 'I've been muching all night'

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Used on the end of adjectives to make retarded sentences.

If you want to sound like you're a conformist then go ahead. OR you could sound like you're from a modern age with advanced people (yes even the prostitutes) then, you probably should just leave it alone.

gangster much.

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Adjective used to describe someone/something that is just "a lot." Can be used in similar instances as "extra." Short for "too much."

Okay, umm you're being much right now. You need to calm.

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When we say sentences like 'Walk much?' we shorten 'Do you walk much?'

VERB + much
NOUN + much


Confused, much?

Off message much?


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