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What is motor?

The act of not knowing whether you are eating out a girls asshole or pussy.

Oh man I cant believe i was motoring this girl last was gross

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Motor - what is it?

Requiring or with application of motor skills

Motoric functions are of importance in cognitive developmental stages.

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What does "motor" mean?

An over-used catch phrase of basketball commentators

The kid's only 6'8" or 6'9" but he's got a great motor

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Motor - what does it mean?

1: British slang: Moving very fast
2: Transport by car, extremely difficult in UK due to excessive taxation by Gordon Brown, numerous Gatso cameras, speed bumps, Ken Livingstone. Impossible in London.

1: Jesus, he was motoring!
2: Ken Livingstone hates motoring

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Motor - meaning

1. An engine.

2. British slang for "automobile".

3. Slang for motorcycle, usually in reference to police motorcycles.

1. Damn it, my motor's shot again!

2. Oi! That wanker just nicked my motor!

3. After passing the test, Jim was assigned to the police department's motor unit.

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Motor - definition

Moving too fast.

"You're motoring. What's your price for flight?" - from the song Sister Christian, by Night Ranger

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Motor - slang

Automotive/racing term. Denotes a vehicle running/racing WITHOUT nitrous oxide assistance.
Synonym: "On nuts".
Antonyms: "On the bottle", "On spray", "Juicing it", "With NOS".

"That car runs the quartermile in 10.1 seconds on the motor; but it does 8.9 on spray".

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a cat's purr

my cat has a loud motor

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To leave the immediate vicinity.

Dude, this place sucks - let's motor.

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1) To move quickly. Short for haul ass

"Dude, we better motor if we're going to catch Metallica."

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