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What is more than friends?

to afraid to ask there mum to come down for nye. won’t admit his feelings and is a massive simp for a girl. also has slow replies because he’s apparently revising

“i wanna be more than friends but won’t admit true feelings

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more than friends - video

More than friends - what is it?

pretty much the same thing as a bf jacket
except hes not ur bf hes ur friend that u like alot i got one of these jackets

niki:omg nicoles got a more than a friend less than a boyfriend jacket
kasey:omg ur rigt isnt that marks

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What does "more than friends" mean?

A sarcastic way of saying that somebody is extremely popular on MySpace and/or in reality. A reference to the fact that MySpace founder Tom Anderson is automatically added as everyone's friend.

Have you seen Dane Cook's MySpace page? The guy has more friends than Tom!

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More than friends - what does it mean?

When you're friends with a woman/man, do everything together, occasional sex but don't have a title or date......

She's more than a friend , she's my kissing, playful, bestie!

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More than friends - meaning

Sad, that's what it is. You'll feel miserable, so just get out there! Ask them out

You like eachother but you're not dating, so you're more than friends but not dating

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More than friends - definition

an attempt to rekindle an old relationship using a social networking site like Facebook.

"I heard from Jason the other day."
"Oh, did he send you a more-than-friends request?"

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More than friends - slang

You dont wanna be just plain friends, but you want some action with the relationship too

plain or good friends with casual sex on the side.

{friends with benefits}

"Abby and Derrick hooked up last night at Sam's party!"
"I thought they were just friends."
"Oh they are, it was just casual sex."
"More than friends, huh?"

a hamburger with fries is a good analogy too
hamburger is friendship, fries is sex/making out/bases/etc.

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More than friends

Actually pronounced "More Than Friends", this is a term usually used to denote friends who are also lovers. However, this term could logically describe any such pairing of individuals whose relationship "penetrates" beyond a simple, standard friendship. "We're more than friends, we're also cousins", or something. Yeah right. "We're more than friends, we're also taxidermists". Mmmkay?

"Jack and Jill were more than friends, they were also fellow hill-survivors".

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More than friends

Somewhere between friendship and a formal boyfriend/girlfriend sort of deal.

Tom and Jane have been more than friends for two months and are unsure if they want full commitment but have done physical things that only couples would do.

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