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What is more fun?

Morely is an all encompassing word and a lazy way of saying anything from, “more or less”, “more like”, “actually”, “more than”, “more so”, to “moreover” ETC…

What I’m morely trying to say is that I don’t think we should be together anymore.

I chose to go home early because the party was lame and I morely just didn’t want to be hung-over tomorrow.

I morely just think his girlfriend is a bitch.

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More fun - what is it?

1. An exclamation of joy or happiness. More than just fun.
2. A sarcastic remark.

1. You are going to the mall?! Sounds fun fun!
2. Oh joy. A math test. Fun fun.

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What does "more fun" mean?

A 'town' in Northwest NSW, Australia where dreams don't die, they never existed.

Moree, not the edge of the world but it has a good view of it.

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More fun - what does it mean?

A text sent to replace the simple and short "fun" in order to seem as though you are paying attention, even though you are not.

Person 1: So Becky and I did a lot of things over the weekend like bowling, swimming, shopping, and we ran into Jeff from high school,(etc)

Person 2: fun fun fun

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More fun

A sarcastic comment about doing something that's partially fun and partially horrifying. Exactly like a Rebecca Black song.

Studying for tomorrow's test while listening to my favorite band. fun fun fun.

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More fun

Something Rebecca Black's Friday is not.

Person 1: Today was fun, fun, fun, fun!
Person 2: No. Just, no.

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More fun

a very good time(from the the name of a toy consisting of a plastic barrel filled with flat plastic monkeys that can be hung by each others curved arms)

That dance was more fun than a barrel of monkeys

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More fun

to be exceedingly entertaining, much like a clown on fire

Listening to Bush try to talk about foreign affairs is more fun than a clown on fire

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More fun

From Bob's Burgers: a special mushroom burger

"Hey Bob, what's the burger of the day?" "It's the Blondes Have More Fun-gus Burger, you should try it!"

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More fun

The dorky way to say funner.

Dorky Person: "It was more fun to go to the museum than the dance, wasn't it?"

Cool Person "No. It would've been funner to go to the dance, dork."

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